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Andy Griffith Faced Major Career Struggles After ‘The Andy Griffith Show’

by Joe Rutland
andy griffith photo
(Photo by CBS via Getty Images)

For decades, Andy Griffith put together quite a successful career in TV shows and even some movies, too. But with success does come story after story of heartache. Griffith had his fair share of those even after The Andy Griffith Show left the CBS lineup.

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You see, Griffith had to prove that he was a stellar actor all over again. Back in November 1992, Griffith was inducted into the TV Hall of Fame. After the ceremony, the actor spoke with an Associated Press writer about The Andy Griffith Show and his then-current series Matlock. The writer asked, “And then [you’ll] hang it up?” which surprised Griffith.

Andy Griffith Stated That He Was ‘Never Going to Retire’ From Acting

“I’m never going to retire,” Griffith said. “I cannot live without comedy. I suppose that when we film the last Matlock, it’s reasonable to assume that my career might be over, but I can’t see it that way.” Andy Griffith, then only 66 years old, felt there was no reason to end his career after Matlock. This is especially true since the road to becoming a TV icon wasn’t easy.

“It came too hard to give up easily,” Griffith said. “There were times in my life when I was sure I would not make it as an actor. I once tried for a part in a barbershop quartet and was cut. I was once cast opposite Mae West, and she cut me. I thought I would never get another part.”

People Were Not Running To Work With Griffith After His TV Series Ended

The Andy Griffith Show remains a series that many generations of families can watch and appreciate. Now, because of its success, one would think that people would’ve been running to work with Griffith. That did not happen at all, MeTV reports.

“After The Andy Griffith Show ended, I could not get a part for a long time,” Griffith said. “I tried everywhere, but they all told me, ‘You’re not Andy Griffith. You’re Andy Taylor. We don’t need Andy Taylor.’ So I could get only the role of a heavy. I became known as a heavy. I had to prove again that I was an actor.”

Making Griffith prove he could play other parts seems absurd. His work credits revealed that he could do more than be Andy Taylor. Still, Griffith did what he had to do for his career. “I took what I could get because I cannot live without acting,” he said. “It’s my life.”

People can still see The Andy Griffith Show air weeknights on MeTV and TV Land. Even Pluto TV has a channel totally dedicated to Griffith’s iconic TV show.