Andy Griffith Once Opened Up About Fellow TV Legend Dick Van Dyke

by Jacklyn Krol

Andy Griffith couldn’t sing enough praises about fellow acting legend Dick Van Dyke and his brother, Jerry.

In an old interview with Ralph Pearl’s Las Vegas, the host presented the next topic as Dick Van Dyke’s “illustrious brother Jerry”. Griffith couldn’t keep a straight face and added, “I’m glad you put it that way.”

He recalled a moment back in March of 1954 when he entered a television station in Atlanta, Georgia. He said that a thin man was mouthing a monologue called football that he created two years prior.

“That man was Dick Van Dyke,” he said. “He and I were playing Atlanta, Georgia at the same time. His actors called the merry mute mutes they mouthed records and they were playing some little club down there in Atlanta and I was playing him Grady Hotel.”

More Run-Ins

That wasn’t the only time that the pair would run into each other. When he arrived in New Orleans, they ran into each other again.

“This is the point I wanted to make. It concerns Jerry actually I think Jerry Van Dyke is a giant talent. He is very sensitive to an audience. I just did a motion picture with him played a character role a that is he played my brother-in-law. He did a fantastic job of it. They laugh when he comes on the strings not doing anything. “

Dick Van Dyke and Andy Griffith met once again for the third time in New York City in 1959 when Van Dyke was in a show called Boys Against The Girls.

“He met Sheldon Leonard and they did the Dick Van Dyke Show,” he explained. “Sheldon had to beg them to keep it on the second year which they did and Dick has five years on Jerry I think. In five years Jay is gonna be a household word.”

Andy Griffith on Barney’s Car

One of the most iconic episodes on The Andy Griffith Show was “Barney’s First Car”. While Griffith noted that it was the writers who do the heavy lifting, the scenes were hilarious to film.

“Barney was going to buy a used car for his first car,” Griffith told Morning Exchange. “Not to put him down, but it was a 52 Ford. One of the jokes we had I was sitting on the porch. And this lady was going to bring the car over for Barney to look at.”

At that point, Barney began pacing back and forth. Andy Griffith told him to sit down but said he was a bit nervous.

“He said ‘ this is my biggest investment since my mom and dad’s anniversary.’ I said ‘what did you get them?’ and he said ‘a septic tank.’ I sat for a long time and then finally I said ‘a septic tank.’ He said ‘yeah, it was all steel-reinforced, they were really thrilled.”