‘The Andy Griffith Show’ Star Ron Howard Enjoys Walking in a Winter Wonderland

by Chris Haney

On Christmas Eve morning, actor turned famed director Ron Howard shared a gorgeous snowy photo from his walk earlier today.

While Howard didn’t share where he was this morning, we do at least have a guess. The Richie Cunningham actor from Happy Days has multiple homes across the United States. Of course, anyone that works in Hollywood as much as Howard has homes in California.

In fact, Howard’s parents, Rance and Jean Speegle Howard, raised their two boys in Hollywood. His parents were both working actors who introduced their children to Tinsel Town at a very young age. Both Ron and his brother, Clint Howard, began their acting careers while still in elementary school. Of course, The Andy Griffith Show fans know Ron Howard well as Andy’s son Opie. Therefore it’s no surprise someone that grew up in Hollywood has owned homes in Los Angeles and in Santa Monica, California as well.

Additionally, Howard owns two homes in New York City. He owns an apartment in the West Village and a home in the El Dorado building, which borders Central Park on the Upper West Side. However, we’re pretty sure Howard shared the photo from somewhere in Greenwich, Connecticut where his family spends much of their time. Howard and his wife wanted to raise their kids outside of Hollywood, and since Greenwich is just outside of New York City, they decided it would be the perfect location to call home.

This morning, Greenwich did get a dusting of wintery weather overnight, so it seems to fit the bill of Howard’s Twitter post. “We enjoyed an early morning Christmas Eve walk after this overnight dusting. Beautiful. Be Well, All,” Ron Howard tweeted to his fans and followers.

Ron Howard and Brother Clint Had Conflicting Memories While Writing Memoir

As previously mentioned, brothers Clint and Ron Howard grew up in Hollywood. So there’s no one better to explain what it’s like to grow up in Tinsel Town. That’s exactly what the pair did when they co-wrote their recent memoir The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family.

However, since the two boys are five years apart, they had different perspectives on life in Hollywood. But while speaking to Fatherly last week, they shared that their different views helped enhance the book.

“You know, I had a different perspective than Ron,” Clint Howard said in the interview. “Ron’s brain is five years older than mine. He was more mature during some of this stuff. So, yeah, in the book, you’ll see that a couple of times our memories don’t match up. But, I think both of us have our mom’s gift of gab.”

In fact, the brothers think their individual perspectives helped mesh together a complete picture of their childhood.

“Part of the design of the book was, to facilitate those differences and even benefit from them. When there are discrepancies, we generally moved them up front and center and, um, and made a moment out of it in the book,” Ron Howard added.