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‘Andy Griffith Show’ Theme Leads Pennsylvania Family to Long-Lost Pet

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by: Joe Sohm/Visions of America/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

It’s an iconic melody that is known across generations. The moment we hear the beginning notes of The Andy Griffith Show theme song being whistled, our minds picture Ron Howard’s young Opie walking with his father Andy Griffith’s Sherrif Taylor in the opening sequence of the classic sitcom series. And, thanks to a unique talent displayed by one pet cockatiel, this Andy Griffith Show theme song helped return the long-lost pet to its worried owners.

One Particular Talent Helps Reunite Lost Cockatiel With Its Worried Pennsylvania Owners

A cockatiel named Lucky was recently discovered hanging out on the front porch of a local methodist church. Seeing a bird hanging outside on a set of steps is surely not unusual. However, there was something unusual about this particular visitor.

“When I first looked at the steps, there was this item on the corner and I then paid attention to it, and it was a bird,” says one of the church members. “I knew it was not a normal bird that comes by because it had an orange or yellow plume.”

The church’s pastor, Pastor Roseann Goldberg-Taylor helped rally the bird; and contact local animal rescue groups to help figure out what to do.

“He was very feisty,” the pastor says of the flighty visitor.

From there, the bird was quickly taken to a local animal rescue group. It wasn’t long until a family that was missing a bird just like Lucky saw the photo. And they were about “90 percent” sure it was their beloved cockatiel.

However, pictures can be deceiving. So, the family decided to implement an unusual test to make sure the bird was their missing Lucky after all.

“(They) were pretty sure, like, 90 percent sure,” a shelter official remembers the family saying after checking out a photo of the found cockatiel. But, the family didn’t worry about how they would identify their beloved pet. They knew any doubt regarding whether this was Lucky would be eliminated very quickly. With one simple, but incredibly awesome test. A test that shows off this cockatiel’s unique classic television talents.

Lucky Nails His Song and Dance Number

It turns out, Lucky’s owners are fans of the hit classic sitcom series The Andy Griffith show. And they shared this enthusiasm with Lucky, teaching the bird to dance to the show’s iconic theme song. So, when the family entered the local shelter, one member began whistling the tune. And, Lucky knew exactly what to do.

“[The owner] started whistling that song,” shelter officials continue. And, that’s when the adorable Andy Griffith-themed performance began.

“And the bird started dancing,” the statement continues. “Kind of bobbing his head, so we knew then that it had to be the same bird.”