‘A.P. Bio’ Canceled After 4 Seasons at Peacock

by Jacklyn Krol

NBC and Peacock have canceled the beloved sitcom AP Bio.

The sad news was announced by the series creator Max O’Brien. In a series of tweets, he praised the cast and crew for their hard work. You’ll recall that this comes three months after A.P. Bio‘s fourth season debuted on Peacock. The show was originally on NBC for the first two seasons before it was canceled and picked up by its streaming service. Unfortunately, Peacock did not reveal detailed viewing data regarding its most recent season. This marked the streaming service’s first scripted comedy pickup.

Fans can relive the four seasons and 42 episodes of A.P. Bio on Peacock now. The show follows a former Harvard professor (Glenn Howerton) moving to teach high school biology.

“I’m sad to announce that AP Bio will not be renewed for a 5th season,” O’Brien wrote. “But mostly I’m feeling grateful right now. To all the fans who watched the show and fought for it to come back after the cancellation! And to Peacock & UTV for giving us two more seasons after that!”

O’Brien noted that the show has been “one of the best experiences of my life”. He said that he owes all of that to the cast and crew that were involved with its production.

“I’m going to name a few below but can’t possibly cover everyone,” he added. “So if you ever worked with us for even a day, THANK YOU!! And to you other shows, hire these people!” O’Brien went on to list the main cast members, guests, directors, producers, and crew members.

The Cast and Crew of ‘A.P. Bio’ Reacts

Aside from Howerton, the show starred Patton Oswalt, Lyric Lewis, Mary Sohn, Jean Villepique, Paula Pell, Aparna Brielle, Nick Peine, Eddie Leavy, Jacob Houston, Sari Arambulo, Spence Moore II and Allisyn Snyder.

Some of the cast members reacted to the news shortly after its big public announcement.

“I’m so proud of this show and so lucky to have been a part of it. I’m sad to see it go. But it was a great run. Mike, you’re a genius,” Howerton tweeted.

Patton Oswald added, “Beyond happy we got to do 4 extraordinary seasons of @APBioPeacock! Thank you @nbc & @peacockTV for giving us the chances we got.”

Jean Villepique retweeted O’Brien’s Twitter thread before adding her own two sense.

“Also sad & also grateful,” she wrote. “@MikeOBrienXOXO is brilliant—as kind as he is talented. So rare. Like no ego. I’m so proud to have been a part of this VERY FUNNY show about gentle weirdos, especially when there is so much bully BS in our culture. AP Bye-O.”