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Arnold Schwarzenegger Involved in Traffic Accident with Bicyclist, Fixes Bike

by Craig Garrett
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Action icon Arnold Schwarzenegger was reportedly involved in a traffic accident with a bicyclist in West LA. According to TMZ, the Conan the Barbarian star was not at fault for the incident.

As Arnold was driving in West Los Angeles on Sunday morning, a female cyclist crossed into his lane and collided with his car. This incident was confirmed by 3 separate eyewitnesses. Allegedly, the first responders were alerted to the scene and rushed over immediately. The woman was then quickly transported to a nearby hospital for medical assistance. It has been reported that Arnold was also at the location speaking with law enforcement officers regarding what had happened.

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According to law enforcement sources, Schwarzenegger is not likely responsible for this collision. Further investigation at this time appears that the crash might have been out of his control. Officials told TMZ that the woman made a left turn suddenly before Arnold had time to react and stop. Allegedly he wasn’t driving too fast but she still felt discomfort afterward.

Thankfully, the woman is reportedly stable and no alcohol or drugs seem to be involved. Furthermore, it appears that this was simply an unfortunate traffic accident as there are no indications of any criminal activity. To further prove his goodwill for her cause, Arnold sprang into action star mode. He allegedly has taken her bike with him and had it repaired at a local bike shop.

This follows another recent traffic accident concerning Arnold Schwarzenegger

This incident follows a more dramatic accident involving Schwarzenegger on January 21st. “There was a four-vehicle traffic accident on Sunset and Allenford at 4:35 p.m. One vehicle on top of another,” Los Angeles Police Department Officer Drake Madison told Fox News at the time. Officer Madison explained that “one female was transported to a local hospital with an abrasion.”

The seventy-four-year-old actor, at the wheel of a black Yukon SUV, crashed into a red Prius. The black Yukon SUV began to roll downhill, smashing into the Prius before continuing its momentum and crashing into a Porsche Cayenne, TMZ reported.

After the crash, Schwarzenegger’s only concern was for the woman in the Prius who had been injured. According to a representative of his speaking with Fox News, he was greatly concerned about her condition. An eyewitness reported to TMZ that the collision was unbelievably wild and resembled something straight out of a movie stunt.

At the time of the crash, TMZ reported that Schwarzenegger’s dear friend Jake Steinfeld was also in the car. The two friends have a long history together; when Schwarzenegger was governor of California, Steinfeld served as chairman for his Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness.