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Bam Margera’s Wife Reveals Why She Filed for Legal Separation

by Samantha Whidden
Bam Margera and his wife Nikki Boyd
(Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

Following the news that she has filed for legal separation from Bam Margera, the Jackass alum’s soon-to-be ex-wife Nikki Boyd reveals what incident pushed her to end the marriage.

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While speaking to TMZ, Boyd’s attorney, David Glass, stated that his client believed Bam Margera wasn’t sober during a recent visit with their 5-year-old son, Phoenix. After the visit, Glass stated that Nikki made the tough decision to file for separation as she needs to protect herself and Phoenix from Margera’s reckless behavior. 

Boyd officially filed for separation from Margera on Tuesday (February 14th). According to court documents, Boyd had listed their official breakup date to be September 14, 2021. She cited “irreconcilable difference” as the reason for the split. The duo married in 2013 and share Phoenix together.

In a statement to PEOPLE, Boyd’s attorney, Glass, stated that she felt compelled to file for legal separation from Bam Margera due to his continuing drug and alcohol abuse. He also listed Bam’s erratic behavior and failure to support Boyd and Phoenix. 

“Nikki has put everything she has into trying to get Bam to stay sober, and to trying to preserve her family,” Glass added. 

Along with the separation, Bam Margera is dealing with some conflict with Priscilla Presley.  The former wife of Elvis Presley slammed the Jackass alum for making false claims about him recently visiting her home.

“When I was asked by my son to have a ‘new friend’ come over for a visit, I had no idea who he was or that later he would choose to post photos and false stories,” Priscilla said in a statement earlier this week. “He came over, talked non-stop about his new ventures and personal struggles, and asked for a photo with me for his father, who is a big fan.” 

However, Priscilla stated that while she doesn’t mind fans taking pictures, she accused Bam of sharing images of the inside of her home without permission. She also refuted the Jackass star’s claims that she gave him anything that once belonged to her late ex-husband. “At no time during the visit did I give him anything of Elvis’. I still have everything he ever touched. I would never disrespect Elvis who was the love of my life by giving away anything that belonged to him.”

Bam Margera took to Instagram to apologize to Priscilla and her son, Navarone Garibaldi Garcia, for his behavior during their visit. “I’m very sorry and embarrassed, and I can’t apologize enough for acting like a jackass,” Bam said. However, he continued to say that Navarone gave him a robe and ring that he gave to his father Phil Margera for his personal Elvis collection. 

“I am making Navarone a $10,000 Heartagram necklace because I love his band @themguns with hopes to record and tour. I’m sorry,” he added.