‘Being the Ricardos’: How Much of the Lucille Ball Biopic Was Accurate?

by Shelby Scott

“I Love Lucy” remains one of America’s most iconic sitcoms. That said, Aaron Sorkin’s biopic explores the true story of Lucille Ball and husband Desi Arnaz. Now, following the “Being the Ricardos” premiere on December 10th, we’ve learned just how much of the biopic was actually accurate.

First of all, know the biopic overall is based on the real-life of 1950s icon Lucille Ball. For those who know little of Ball from her pop culture image, she previously endured accusations of being a Communist during the mid-20th century among the “Red Scare.”

More specifically, however, Decider reveals Sorkin’s adaptation of the famous couple’s story does take some cinematic liberties. Most come as the writer and producer condensed the timeline of Ball and Desi Arnaz’s life. Overall, the decision created a more complex and rounded narrative.

The outlet specifically addresses several real-life events within the biopic. One includes Lucille Ball’s second pregnancy. It also touches on her testimony to the House Un-American Activities Committee regarding accusations regarding her supposed status as a Communist. And finally, Sorkin explores a story about Arnaz’s identity. The fictive part of the story comes as the three events took place separately over the span of years. Meanwhile, Sorkin’s version of the tale had all three events take place during one short week.

Additionally, the interviews that take place within “Being the Ricardos” are also fictional. The outlet states the “talking head” interviews are performed by actors reading scripted lines.

Overall, however, the majority of the film’s actual events truly did take place. As the film now streams on Amazon Prime, Outsiders have unrestricted access to it over the holidays.

Nicole Kidman Speaks Out on ‘Being the Ricardos’ Role

Nicole Kidman has become iconic in Hollywood for her numerous film roles. Now, however, the famed actress shared that, while surely playing the role of Lucille Ball would require a lot of work, it wound up becoming her “obsession.”

In order to prepare for her “Being the Ricardos” role, Kidman spent hours watching episodes of “I Love Lucy.”

Specifically, she noted how Ball moved and carried herself.

In speaking with People, the actress shared I studied them and learned them,” referencing the many episodes of “I Love Lucy.” She specified that every mental note and observation “went into my body and memory.”

Overall, she stated, “It was my obsession to get it absolutely accurate.”

Interestingly, despite the wealth of positive feedback regarding Kidman’s performance in “Being the Ricardos,” fans initially did not want the actress to play the part. Instead, they wanted former “Will & Grace” star Debra Messing to fill the role.

Now, though, following the immense support of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’s daughter, Lucie Arnaz, Kidman continues to hook audiences with her Lucille Ball performance.