‘Being the Ricardos’: Javier Bardem Talks First Time Seeing Nicole Kidman as Lucille Ball

by Madison Miller

As Nicole Kidman took on the persona of Lucille Ball for the first time for “Being the Ricardos,” including the iconic whispy red hair and 1950s dresses, she left the entire room in awe.

In particular, Javier Bardem recounted the moment he first laid eyes on his fellow co-star completely taking on her role. Kidman is playing Ball, meanwhile, Bardem is playing Desi Arnaz. Together, they are taking on roles as one of the most influential couples in Hollywood history.

Javier Bardem Stunned by Nicole Kidman as Lucille Ball

Bardem sat down for Sunday Sitdown with “Today” to talk about the moment that left him speechless while filming “Being the Ricardos.”

“I was doing my test with wardrobe, the hair, the makeup, and then she came in … and there was a silence. They really nailed the look of Lucy Ricardo, no? And I felt, ‘Well, here is my wife. Hi. This is your husband. Whether you like it or not, this is your husband,'” Bardem said.

He also explained the kind of relationship they gained while filming. He was honest in saying that the two hadn’t really had time to meet or rehearse with each other as Kidman and Bardem. Instead, it all happened as they were already dressed as Desi and Lucy.

Given the short clips we’ve seen of “Being the Ricardos,” Kidman and Bardem seem to have had no issues cultivating stellar chemistry. It’s no surprise, seeing as we’re talking about two award-winning actors.

For Bardem to be stunned by Kidman in costume is quite the praise. Especially since fans were wary of Kidman getting the role. Some criticized the choice because they didn’t think she looked enough like Ball. Others didn’t think she had the comedic chops to become the “I Love Lucy” star, considering she is known for dramatic roles.

“Being the Ricardos,” however, is not recreating scenes from “I Love Lucy.” Rather, it peers into the behind-the-scenes drama between the Hollywood couple and what went on during the production process.

The movie will hit theaters on December 10 and Amazon Prime Video on December 21.

Javier Bardem as Desi Arnaz

For Bardem, playing Desi Arnaz is a role he always hoped for. Not because he was a fan of “I Love Lucy,” but because of the man’s fierce personality.

He was struck by the many duties and responsibilities of Arnaz, and the kind of personality he still maintained.

“And he was on [at] the same time, being the producer of the show, musician, singer, dancer. He was so many things at the same time,” he continued. “But he was very relaxed with everything, he was a very kind, loving, caring, fun man to be with. And he didn’t feel the pressure on his shoulders, that’s a lot,” Bardem said, according to ET Online.