‘Being the Ricardos’ Star Nicole Kidman Reveals What Surprised Her Most About Lucille Ball

by Joe Rutland

Nicole Kidman took on the Herculean task of portraying Lucille Ball in the movie Being the Ricardos. So, what surprised her most about Lucy?

She talked about that in an article from Fox News.

“I mean, all of it,” Kidman said. “All of it. The way [she and Desi Arnaz] built a production company, how they were such a team. I didn’t know how clever she was, how she’d always say she wasn’t funny. So, I mean, you name it, I didn’t know it!”

The Amazon movie, directed by Aaron Sorkin, looks back upon the creative-yet-stormy marriage between Ball and Arnaz. Some scenes depict Lucy and Desi on the I Love Lucy show set. Others show Ball in the middle of serious negotiations.

Javier Bardem plays Arnaz opposite Kidman’s Ball. In case you missed it, Outsiders, then take a look at the official trailer from Amazon Prime for Being the Ricardos.

‘Being the Ricardos’ Star Javier Bardem Reflects Upon First Time Seeing Kidman as Ball

While the focus is here on Kidman as Ball, Javier Bardem was given no easy task in portraying Arnaz in Being the Ricardos.

So, what was his first impression upon seeing Kidman in her character?

Bardem talked about it in an interview with Today on the set of the movie.

“I was doing my test with wardrobe, the hair, the makeup, and then she came in … and there was a silence,” he said. “They really nailed the look of Lucy Ricardo, no? And I felt, ‘Well, here is my wife. Hi. This is your husband. Whether you like it or not, this is your husband.'”

This movie also has actors playing Vivan Vance and William Frawley, who also starred in I Love Lucy. Nina Arianda plays Vance, while J.K. Simmons plays Frawley. A couple of other well-known actors portray writing team Bob Carroll and Madelyn Pugh. Ronny Cox plays Carroll while Linda Lavin portrays Pugh. They represent the writing team when they were in their 70s.

Aaron Sorkin Says Lucie Arnaz Told Him To ‘Take the Glovevs Off’ In Movie

It’s probably a good idea to get approval from someone closely tied to the featured couple.

Aaron Sorkin did that very thing and talked with Lucie Arnaz to lunch. Sorkin wanted to get the OK for doing the movie.

The writer-director told The Hollywood Reporter said Lucy was completely on board.

“We all had lunch together, and she said to me, ‘I know my mother wasn’t an easy woman,'” Sorkin said in the article. “‘Take the gloves off.’ In other words, you can go for it.”

But he also said that if Arnaz had been against some of his ideas then he would’ve dropped it.