‘Being the Ricardos’: Watch Nicole Kidman’s Transformation Process

by Jacklyn Krol

Nicole Kidman revealed just how she transformed into Lucille Ball for Being the Ricardos.

In a new clip posted by Variety, Amazon Studios shared behind the scenes bonus content from the set of the movie. Fans can purchase the movie on Amazon Prime Video and use the X-Ray feature to get even more bonus content.

One of the clips was Nicole Kidman in the makeup chair. The crew explained that they had to get the hair color correct and the makeup. With COVID-19 protocols, the makeup and hair stylists were donned in medical attire. They placed a wig on her head and proceeded to put on extensive makeup with Ball’s signature red lip. The result? An uncanny lookalike to the famed retro television star.

Watch the video, below.

‘Being The Ricardos’ Switch Up

Nicole Kidman won a Golden Globe award for “Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture Drama”. It’s a shock that it wasn’t her always in the role.

She told Variety that she was immediately drawn to the role.

“I just fell in love with the script,” Nicole Kidman explained. “I mean Aaron Sorkin and this screenplay… there’s an extraordinary story here that I had no idea about. And that was incredibly enticing.”

The producer and director loved Kidman’s work and her portrayl of Ball. She had excellent chemistry with her co-star similar to Desi and Lucy.

Black said, “Casting Nicole Kidman has been one of the most gratifying experiences. To watch her total commitment, diving into a character. From the way she speaks, her hair, her makeup, both as Lucy Ricardo and Lucille Lall, her studying everything you can study.”

“Nicole is a world-class actress. And that’s what I was looking for,” Sorkin added. “I thought it was a bonus that with the wig, we accept her as Lucy right away.”

At first, Cate Blanchett had the role but couldn’t commit due to scheduling conflicts. Kidman previously said in various interviews that she understood where she was coming from. Blanchett even praised Kidman’s performance in a piece with Variety.

“It became the movie it needed to be,” Blanchett confessed to Variety’s Awards Circuit Podcast. “Those things happen in the right way, at the right time. In the best possible way, you don’t always envisage the same thing; and then it goes on to become a different entity.”