Ben Stiller Opens Up About Bob Saget’s Close Relationship With His Parents

by Maggie Schneider

In an interview with ET, Ben Stiller opens up about his family’s close relationship with late comedian Bob Saget.

Fellow actors and comedians are still mourning the loss of “Full House” star Bob Saget. The 65-year old comedian is greatly missed by both friends and fans alike. For instance, Ben Stiller is one of these friends. In an interview with ET, the actor shares some of his favorite things about Saget.

“Bob was incredibly respected in the comedy and acting world. He was just one of the funniest people ever,” he says. “But what I really remember about him is his energy, his warmth and his outgoing, just, love that he had for people, and he was always reaching out.”

He goes on to reveal the closeness between Bob Saget and Stiller’s whole family. The comedian was close to both Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller, Ben’s parents.

“He was there for our family. He loved my parents, my parents loved him over the years. And that’s what I take away, is the heart that he had and the way he touched so many people, which I think you felt when we lost him,” he adds.

He ends the interview calling Bob Saget “just a genuinely good person.” Fans are happy to hear that the two actors were so connected.

Bob Saget’s Widow Reflects on Their Relationship

Bob Saget’s widow Kelly Rizzo is mourning the loss of her love. Posting a throwback image of she and her late husband at the beach, she writes that “the world will never be the same.”

Fans and friends are offering their support in the comments.

“this looks like such a happy memory. Thanks for sharing it with us! Thinking of you often Kelly,” TikTok influencer Tinx writes.

“Sending so much love. Kevin and I are laying here right now talking about Wonderful Bob and his kindness,” Susan Yeagley adds.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Rizzo reflects on what made Saget such a great husband.

“He just wanted to spread love and laughter and he did it so amazingly,” she begins. “I’m just so proud of him because he truly brought people together. He was just so wonderful and I was just so honored to be his wife and to be able to be a part of it and bring him any bit of happiness that I could because he deserved it.”

Their last words to each other were saying “I love you.” Rizzo is thankful that their relationship ended on such loving terms.

“He valued every single second that we had together. That’s why this is so heartbreaking, but at the same time I know that every second that we had together was just maximized to the fullest.”