Benedict Cumberbatch Is ‘Heartbroken’ as He Reveals His Sister Has Died of Cancer

by Samantha Whidden

Doctor Strange star Benedict Cumberbatch is reportedly heartbroken as he reveals his sister, Tracy Peacock, has passed away after losing her seven-year cancer battle.

According to the DailyMail, Benedict Cumberbatch opened up about his sister, who he described as brilliant. She was affectionally known as “Tracks.” There was not much known about Peacock’s battle with the disease. “She died of cancer,” the actor explained. “She’d been battling it for seven years.”

Benedict Cumberbatch also shared, “As the greatly awful Donald Rumsfeld said, ‘stuff happens.’ It’s horrible. She was nothing to do with the world. She was markedly different.”

The actor then went on to say that his sister was a brilliant fine artist. But ended up doing a lot of restorative work on canvas as well as on frames and carpentry. “But still kept her hand in and did her own work. [She] made the most Christmas and celebrity cards of any kind of festival. She was very gifted.”

Peacock was notably the daughter of Benedict Cumberbatch’s mother, Wanda Ventham and James Tabernacle. Upon Ventham marrying Timothy Carlton, Peacock stayed with her and grew up with Benedict Cumberbatch. But the actor did recall the one time she accidentally left him too long on a freezing rooftop. “She forgot about me. I mean, it’s funny. She was in the kitchen with her friends and she suddenly saw snow falling through the window.”

Peacock is survived by her husband and a 34-year-old daughter, Emily.

Benedict Cumberbatch Addresses ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Following the Release of His New Film ‘The Power of the Dog’

During a recent interview with Sky News, Benedict Cumberbatch shared his thoughts about toxic masculinity. “We need to fix the behavior of men,” the actor declared. “You kind of life the lid on the engine a little bit.”

Benedict Cumberbatch also stated that in a world that’s questioning and ripping into as well as pointing out the inadequacies of the status quo and the patriarchy, it’s even more important. “You get this sort of rebellion aspect. This denial. This sort of childish defensive position of ‘not all men are bad.’ No, we just have to shut up and listen.”

While speaking about his latest film, The Power of the Dog, Benedict Cumberbatch stated there is not enough recognition of abuse. “There’s not enough recognition of disadvantages and, at the same time, somewhere along the line – maybe not now, but somewhere along the line – we need to do maybe what the film does. Which is examine the reason behind the oppressed behavior to fix the men.”

As previously reported, The Power of the Dog follows Cumberbatch’s charismatic rancher, Phil Burbank, who notably inspires fear and awe in those around him. When his brother George (played by Jesse Plemons) brings home his new wife Rose (played by Kirsten Dunst) with her son, Phil torments them until he finds himself exposed to the possibility of love.