‘Better Call Saul’ Fans Believe One Moment Was Out of Character for Kim

by Thad Mitchell

Fans of the hit legal drama/dark comedy “Better Call Saul” is just a short time from returning for its sixth and final season.

“Better Call Saul” is a prequel to “Breaking Bad,” one of the most critically acclaimed television shows of all time. It tells the story of small-time criminal attorney Jimmy McGill and his descent into the underworld of crime lords. Throughout the show, we learn how Jimmy would come to be the shady lawyer, Saul Goodman, a central character in the “Breaking Bad” world.

Most of “Better Call Saul” sees Jimmy struggle with his conscience and desire to do the right thing. He’s a gifted con artist, and he will eventually learn how to use those tricks in his law practice. But, through five seasons of “Better Call Saul,” Jimmy has yet to devolve all the way to becoming Saul Goodman. The final straw to push him over the edge, whatever it might be, is expected to come in season six.

It might just be his love interest, fellow attorney Kim Wexler, that eventually turns him into Saul Goodman. Kim is the moral compass of “Better Call Saul” in that she strives for fairness and to play by the rules. That changed last season as it is clear that Saul is beginning to rub off her. So much so that she wants to ruin the life of her former employer, Howard Hamlin. Some “Better Call Saul” fans think she may be taking revenge a little too far. It’s the topic of discussion in a recent Reddit post.

“It’s amazing how prior to S5, practically everyone was predicting that Kim would become disgusted with Saul’s antics and leave him,” a fan writes. “When in reality the exact opposite is playing out before us right now.”

‘Better Call Saul’ Set to Return in Early 2022

We don’t have an official date just yet, but the ever-popular show will return in the early new years. Fans are pumped for the “Better Call Saul” season six premiere and to get the answers to our many questions.

One of those questions is will Kim Wexler go through with her plan to bring down Howard Hamin? It is out of character for her, but she wants to frame Howard for illegal actions. She’s also mentioned drugging him so that she can cut off his hair. It’s quite a sinister plot for the former do-gooder.

“This is the moment when Kim became Heisenberg,” another Reddit user and “Better Call Saul” fan says.

Heisenberg, a.k.a Walter White, was the primary protagonist of “Breaking Bad” who has yet to appear in “Better Call Saul.”

Could that change in the upcoming sixth season? It certainly could and is something fans of both shows would love to see.