‘Better Call Saul’: How Season Three Completely Changed the Show

by Thad Mitchell

A brand new season of “Better Call Saul” will soon be upon us and fans of the “Breaking Bad” prequel are as excited as ever.

“Better Call Saul” bases its storyline around the wheelings and dealings of small-time attorney and criminal Jimmy McGill.

Since the beginning of “Better Call Saul,” there have been two primary influences in Jimmy’s life. His brother, Chuck, is a high-profile attorney and partner at a prestigious New Mexico law firm. Their relationship is rather icy to say the least. The other influence in Jimmy’s life is his love interest, Kim Wexler, a hard-working and ambitious lawyer at Chuck’s firm. The third season puts these influences in a blender and then pours them all over poor Jimmy. It is one of the aspects that eventually turns permanently into Saul Goodman.

Chuck loves his brother but despises the tactics he uses in the world of law enforcement. Near the season’s end, Jimmy exposes Chuck’s mental health illness to a room full of law officials. This would eventually lead to his suicide. His last words to Jimmy are “you never really mattered to me” and it clearly has a deep affect on Jimmy.

Kim, on the other hand, loves Jimmy for who he is and readily forgives him for his unsavory tactics. Late in the third season, Kim is severaly injured in a car crash after falling asleep at the wheel. Jimmy blames himsef for putting to much of a workload on Kim, causing her to forego needed rest and sleep. He assists in nursing her back to health, though the incident clearly hit him hard emotionally and mentally.

The impact of both of these events weigh heavy on Jimmy as he gets closer to becoming full time Saul Goodman. It certainly seems like there is another show to all that will push him over the ledge. That is likely to occur in the upcoming final season.

‘Better Call Saul’ Shows Us the Ticking Time Bomb That is Saul Goodman

Jimmy will eventually become the smooth-talking, deal-making strip mall lawyer we know as Saul Goodman. “Better Call Saul” traces the titular character’s roots all the way back to when he was a simple conman outside of Chicago. Jimmy wants to go the way of the straight and narrow but its continually sucked into the criminal underworld. The show details the moments that caused him to leave decency behind and pursue a career as a “criminal lawyer,” as Jesse Pinkman so eloquently once put it.

It is worth noting that Kim is nowhere to be found in the events of “Breaking Bad.” Where is she? The answer to that question coud be the final straw in Jimmy McGill to Saul Goodman transition.