‘Better Call Saul’: How Season Two’s Finale Sealed One Character’s Fate

by Josh Lanier

Better Call Saul is almost better the second time you watch it. The series does a great job of connecting storylines and plot points in ways you don’t see coming. But there are often hints and foreshadowing moments sprinkled throughout the series that you won’t notice on your first time through.

Beware. Spoilers ahead

Jimmy McGill has a long, sorted history with his brother Chuck. Chuck, played by Michael McKean, has looked after his brother their entire lives. Chuck was a genius who graduated top of his high school class at only 14 years old. Jimmy, played by Bob Odenkirk, was a scumbag from the beginning. He stole from their parents and scammed anyone he could to make a buck.

Chuck hated that side of Jimmy, though he was always there to help his brother out when he could. But their relationship soured after Jimmy became a lawyer. It all culminated at the end of season 2. That’s when Chuck’s resentment toward his brother hardens to anger, and it sets him on a path that will lead to his suicide at the end of season 3.

It’s also when the audience learns that Jimmy isn’t the only person in the family adept at scamming people. Chuck suffers from — a most likely psychosomatic disorder called — electromagnetic hypersensitivity. In the season 2 finale, Chuck makes it seem as if his condition is worse than it is to trick Jimmy into confessing that he doctored some paperwork that made Chuck look bad and cost his law firm a big client.

Chuck charges into season 3 hell-bent on making Jimmy pay for that and a host of other slights from throughout their lives. But he’s not nearly as good as Jimmy at being a scumbag.

Is Kim in Trouble In Final Season of ‘Better Call Saul?’

Fans of Breaking Bad know what happens to most of the cast of Better Call Saul, the show’s prequel series. Jimmy completes his transformation into Saul Goodman. Mike becomes more entangled in Gus’ underground drug empire. We know that Gus metes out his bloody revenge against the Mexican drug cartel. But what happens to Kim is one of the biggest questions heading into Better Call Saul‘s final season.

Kim married Jimmy in season 5. She’s a major part of the story, but she’s not in Breaking Bad. No one even mentions her. Is she dead? Does she escape? Is Saul’s silence his way of protecting her? We won’t know until AMC brings the series back for the sixth and final season sometime — hopefully — this spring. Fans have waited two years to get answers, and many have scoured old episodes of Better Call Saul to find any thread that might explain what happened to Kim.

Rhea Seehorn, the actress who plays Kim, sparked fear in many fans when she said Kim’s final episodes left her “devastated.”

Bob Odenkirk was less dire about Kim’s ending. He thinks she’ll end up being one of the ones who leave Better Call Saul better than when they entered the show.

“I don’t think she dies,” Odenkirk told The Guardian. “I think she’s in Albuquerque, and she’s still practicing law.”

We can only hope he’s right and wait until the show returns for answers.