‘Better Call Saul’ Star Bob Odenkirk Reveals One Pretty Sweet Memento He Wants to Keep

by Allison Hambrick
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 22: (EDITORS NOTE: Image has been edited using digital filters) Bob Odenkirk arrives at the 71st Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on September 22, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

Better Call Saul lead actor Bob Odenkirk discussed the one souvenir he’d like to keep from the show ahead of the premiere of its final season.

In the Breaking Bad spinoff, Odenkirk plays smarmy con man turned lawyer, Jimmy McGill, also known as “Saul Goodman.” The series has won a staggering 21 Emmy Awards, 11 Writer’s Guide of America Awards, and four Golden Globes. Now, the series enters its sixth and final season. As a result, Odenkirk was left considering what he wanted to remember the show by.

“I have thought about this,” Odenkirk said in an interview with Esquire. “He’s got a lot of crazy cufflinks but I don’t use cufflinks. I don’t wear ties if I don’t have to.”

Surprisingly, Odenkirk’s souvenir of choice is something a little bit difficult to sneak off of set.

“I love the Esteem, the Suzuki Esteem car that I drove,” the Better Call Saul star stated. “I really, truly enjoyed driving that little hunk of metal. I did tell my son I was going to get him one of those for his first car, and he thought that was pretty cool. So, I’d like that.”

Longterm fans of the series are likely to get a kick out of that. In the first season, Jimmy memorably roasted his own car. “The only way this piece of crap is worth $500 is if there’s a $300 stripper sitting in it,” the lawyer quipped.

Additionally, Odenkirk explained the unusual way he prepares to film new episodes.

Better Call Saul Star on Surprising Himself

Odenkirk prefers to read the scripts one episode at a time. His goal is to be as surprised as Jimmy “as he makes these twists and turns.” At the time of the interview, Odenkirk didn’t even know the ending of Better Call Saul.

“Why would I do that to myself?” said Odenkirk. “I’m going to be playing this character and we’re going to be shooting until November. And if I already knew what was happening, I would be depriving myself of so much excitement.”

For Odenkirk, the fun of filming the show is the “fresh energy and excitement.” The actor said that there was a similar excitement on Breaking Bad. He found this especially true when filming the final episodes of both shows.

“If you remember Breaking Bad, there was so much that built up and then in the last season [series creator Vince Gilligan] starts knocking things down and starts lighting fires and burning everything down – and that’s what’s happening here,” Odenkirk added. “It’s really going into overdrive.”

Jimmy McGill is Breaking Bad in Final Season of Better Call Saul

As for any lingering connections between the series, Odenkirk chooses his words carefully. Better Call Saul was a prequel to Breaking Bad, so fans are left to speculate on potential crossovers.

“My friend Peter Gould tells me when Better Call Saul is done it will shed new light… you will see Breaking Bad and the story of Breaking Bad in a different way,” the actor explained. “It will be different from what you think you know. I always considered Saul a bit of an ancillary character in Breaking Bad and so I’m surprised to hear that. But I would never underestimate Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould’s ability to twist a character or a story point to mean something entirely different.”

While his character is not a good person on the surface, Odenkirk felt Jimmy had more depth. The actor lamented that the character will not likely have a redemption arc.

 “If you dig deep down Jimmy McGill is a good guy,” said Odenkirk. “But, like Walter White, he does have an ego and his ego is hungry for respect and appreciation in a way that I don’t think the world ever really can satisfy in a person, except in incremental moments. And I think it’s a foolish thing to pursue. And I would love to see him have that realization. I don’t think he will.”

The sixth and final season of Better Call Saul will premiere on AMC in early 2022.