Betty White’s Assistant Shares Heartwarming Photo of the Late Actress Kissing Georgia Engel’s Dog

by Suzanne Halliburton

Betty White knew you couldn’t get through the day without the love of a good dog.

A wet smooch on the face also was a bonus, especially if the shaggy canine gets you right on the lips. Just take a look at the photo posted on the official Instagram account for Betty White. We dare you not to smile. Her assistant is sharing photos of America’s Golden Girl. White died on Dec. 31, but the entire country celebrated her 100th birthday this past Monday.

Although we’re all sad that Betty White is no longer with us, these photos keep her alive. This snap is of White and actress Georgia Engel. Its caption — “Today’s fun photo memory. I took this photo a few years ago when the wonderful Georgia Engel visited our office with her friend, Shyla, the hybrid wild dog.”

Betty White and Georgia Engel Starred on Mary Tyler Moore Show

Engel co-starred with Betty White on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. White played Sue Ann Nivens. And she once described Sue Ann as the neighborhood nymphomaniac. The naughty Sue Ann hosted a TV show for homemakers. Off the set, she was man crazy. Lou Grant and Lars, Phyllis’ (unseen) husband, were two of her conquests. Meanwhile, Engel portrayed sweet Georgette, the soft-spoken wife of pompous anchor Ted Baxter.

The photo is undated. But it has to be before 2019. Engel died that year. She was 70. We know both actresses loved animals.

(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Betty White, in particular, made it one of her life’s missions to help animals. She often used her acting platform to help the cause. White probably is best known for playing Rose Nylund on the Golden Girls. But she also appeared as Rose on Golden Girls spinoff Golden Palace. One of those episodes amplified the cause of animal rescues.

Remember That Time Rose Stole a Greyhound? It Helped Rescue Groups

White talked about one of the episodes called A New Leash on Life during a 2006 panel discussion at PaleyFest LA. The half-hour comedy was all about how Rose stole a greyhound so the dog wouldn’t be put down after it was retired from racing.

“To this day, all the greyhound rescue people tell me that it did more good for their cause than anything else in the world,” Betty White said. … It’s written as a comedy, and it’s written through the good-heartedness of getting the story across. But, of course, Rose didn’t know anything about it. So (the plot explained) everything to Rose (and) what happened to greyhounds after their racing career was over.

“To this day, I will pass along to everyone here the thanks I’ve gotten year in and year out for that particular show.”

The Golden Girls often showcased Rose’s love of animals, from the pig she inherited to the piano-playing chicken she adopted. Blanche never wanted a dog or cat in the house, but Rose would dog sit for the neighbors.

On Monday, to help celebrate White’s birthday, her fans donated thousands of dollars to rescue groups across the country. Her fans dubbed it the Betty White Challenge. And it grew out of so many folks posting about it on social media.

So bring on more photos of Betty White smooching with dogs. She still makes the world a happier place.