Betty White’s Biggest Birthday Wish Is Robert Redford

by Megan Molseed
Getty Images

What do you put on your wish list when you are looking forward to celebrating your 100th birthday? Well, anything you want, in most cases we’d guess! And, Betty White is taking full advantage as she mentioned only one specific birthday wish while discussing her big day with ET. This wish? Robert Redford.

That’s right, for her 100th birthday, Betty White would like Robert Redford.

Has anyone called the longtime actor? Betty White is a Hollywood legend for sure. She certainly deserves to get exactly what she wants for her birthday right? Especially if she is asking for only one thing!

In a recent interview with Parade Magazine, Betty White opened up about her attempts to bring forth a Betty White and Robert Redford moment. Because, the actress notes, he is the one for her.

“But it never works,” the almost centenarian says of her attempts to get into contact with her Hollywood crush.

“I try every year,” the Golden Girls actress adds in her interview with Parade.

Although, it seems that the actor did hear of Betty White’s effort to track him down. And, he reportedly tried to contact the comedy icon in recent years. But, the story goes, Betty White apparently thought this was a prank.

However, her Hot In Cleveland costar, actress Wendy Malick says she was there when Robert Redford left her the message.

“Betty, what can I do?” Wendy Malick remembers what Robert Redford said in his message.

“I call, I write, you don’t come,” Malick remembers of Redfords message to Betty. “I’ve tried to see you.”

It’s certainly seeming to become a dream of Betty White’s to meet the Hollywood heartthrob. However, she has said that she’s not sure she would ever really know what to do if she met him in real life. Especially after all these years!

“I don’t ever want to meet him,” Betty White has said of her longtime Hollywood crush.

“I would be so embarrassed,” the celebrated actress adds. “I’ve taken his name in vain so many times.”

Plus, the star notes in a recent interview, her story may be way too messy right now to introduce another person in her love life. After all, the actress notes, she is a hard person to get over. Just ask her The Proposal costar, Ryan Reynolds.

Betty White And Ryan Reynolds: It’s Complicated

It has been over a decade since the Ryan Reynolds/Sandra Bullock flick The Proposal introduced Betty White into Ryan Reynolds’ life.

In the popular rom-com, Reynolds played opposite Sandra Bullock and White portrayed his grandmother.

The funnyman and the longtime actress connected right away. Filming a hilarious clip for a television show depicting a feud between the two actors on the set of The Proposal. Then, the actor doubled down on the Betty White/Ryan Reynolds drama, joking that his onscreen grandmother is his ‘ex-girlfriend.‘”

“I’ve heard Ryan can’t get over his thing for me,” the actress jokes, adding that she only has time for one celebrity crush. “Robert Redford is The One.”