Betty White Challenge: How Much Has Been Raised for Animal & Wildlife Charities?

by Amanda Glover

Thanks to the late Betty White’s love of animals, animal charities around the world get to continue to grow.

Since the death of the Golden Girls actress on New Years’ Eve, fans created the Betty White Challenge. The goal of the challenge is for as many people as possible to donate $5 each to any animal or wildlife charity around the world. This is to honor the late star and her love of animals.

The actress/comedian served as a board member for the Los Angeles Zoo. Since the creation of the challenge, the organization received close to $95K in donations!

At Outsider, we can all say it was a huge success and White would’ve been so grateful.

According to LA Zoo president Tom Jacobson, they “are blown away” with the money they received from 49 states and 11 countries.

Betty White served on the board of directors for the American Humane Society. They also thanked their caring donors for quadrupling financial donations. The Mohawk Hudson Humane Society of New York raised “$52K and counting” through the Betty White Challenge.

However, the owner of Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue, Melissa Bacelar, called Monday a “magical day” after her organization raised $17K.

“I woke up to hundreds of Venmo notifications on my phone. It was just people showing gratitude to Betty White,” said Bacelar.

Meet a Seeing Eye Dog and Penguin Named After Betty White to Honor Her 100th Birthday

There’s no doubt that White is smiling down at us, soaking in all the love millions of fans all around the world had for the icon.

In the White’s honor, two new baby animals were named after her. Throughout her life, she was an animal lover and an animal benefactor. She donated lots of her time and money to animal rescues, shelters, zoos, and charities.

The Seeing Eye organization celebrates White’s legacy by naming a new recruit after her. After the Yellow Labrador Retriever goes through two years of extensive training, it will become a guide dog. For over 40 years, White also supported the organization for over.

The Cincinnati Zoo tweeted a picture of an adorable penguin named Rose. This was the name of White’s character in Golden Girls.

The zoo’s director, Thane Maynard, gave a statement to The Enquirer:

“Betty White was a huge Zoo supporter and animal lover. I had the pleasure of making her acquaintance years ago when she attended a Cincinnati Zoo fundraiser. We introduced her to our first ambassador cheetah, Angel.”