Betty White Delivers Heartwarming Love Letter to Fans In New Tribute Film

by Jacklyn Krol

The new Betty White movie includes a heartwarming message to her fans.

Betty White: A Celebration is a one night only movie theater event on January 17. It was originally supposed to be “A Birthday Celebration” but that changed on New Year’s Eve when White passed away. The film’s producers Steve Boettcher and Mike Trinklein were shocked at her passing.

Additionally, the two first began working with White over fifteen years ago for the PBS series Pioneers of Television.They began using footage from their various interviews and shoots with her over the years for the project.

“We interviewed her intermittently every year or two,” Boettcher told The Hollywood Reporter. “That first interview was before Hot in Cleveland, before Snickers [the 2010 comercial], before SNL. I think one of the last times was 2018. We didn’t realize this, but it just turned into a love letter to Betty and her fans.”

Betty White and Her Final Interview

The final interview will be featured in the movie that fans can only see at three afternoon times on what would have been her 100th birthday. One of the standout moments is when Betty White wanted to share a message to fans.

“Betty shot a tribute to her fans on Dec. 20, which will be in the film,” he assured. “It was her idea to do this. She said, “I want my fans to know this.” We’ve been asked to share it. We’ve been asked to put it on social media. The only place we thought was right was putting it in the film and sharing it with her friends, family and fans who are going to be there.”

Finally, he described it as a two minute clip of her looking into the camera. She spoke directly to the fans in the heartwarming message.

“She thanks all her fans over the years and for being out on the 17th to see the film. It’s just got that twinkle that’s Betty. The great thing about it is that she didn’t read it off the teleprompter or have a script. She ad-libbed it, and that’s Betty to the very end. She’s spontaneous and has the wherewithal to go with it and do it live. She was so good at that. You can’t watch it for the first time and help but get goosebumps when you hear her. It’s just very, very sweet,” he concluded.