Betty White Dies at 99: Internet Mourns Hollywood Icon’s Death

by Maggie Schneider

American actress and comedian Betty White has passed away at 99. The internet is mourning the loss of the beloved legend.

We lost an icon today. Actress and comedian Betty White has passed away at 99 years old. The news comes just a few weeks before her centennial birthday.

Just minutes ago, TMZ reported the devastating news. The “Golden Girls” star died in her home this morning, according to law enforcement officials. Fans of White are already mourning her loss on social media.

“No way we really said goodbye to John Madden and Betty White in the same week,” one fan writes. “The Golden Girls are back together again. God Bless and God Speed Ms. White.” another says.

“When it rains it will be the Angels crying for Betty white. An icon & legendary actress of all time. She was an amazing Huma Being that will live on forever. Legends never Die.”

Some fans are hoping that Betty White’s death is not a sign of more loss to come in 2022.

“2021 just had to take one last pound of flesh, didn’t it? Who’s next? Christopher Lloyd?” someone asks.

“RIP Betty White… a true national treasure. One month before her 100th birthday. 2022 ain’t even started yet and it’s already looking bleak,” another adds.

Betty White’s Friends Toast The Legend

Friends of Betty White shared their love for the “Golden Girl” in an exclusive interview with People Magazine this week. Carol Burnett, Ryan Reynolds, and Sandra Bullock were happy to share their experiences working with the icon.

“She’d come on my show, [The Carol Burnett Show], and if there was a tinge of risqué humor in one of our sketches, she’d roll with it and make it even funnier and add a little wink to show that she was thinking of something sexy,” Carol Burnett shared. She’s not a stand-up. She’s not a jokester. It’s the way she can twist a line to get a laugh.”

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock worked with Betty White on the 2009 romantic comedy film The Proposal. They praised her for her quick wit on and offscreen.

“I heard that scripts for Golden Girls were only 35 pages, which makes sense because so many of the laughs come from Betty simply looking at her castmates,” Reynolds said.

“Timing isn’t easy in comedy, because you have to navigate other people’s timing. Betty pivots like I have never seen, making it look seamless,” Sandra Bullock added. “The rest of us just remain silent and pray we’re not cut out of the scene.”

These friends have not yet shared their reactions to the news on social media. We send our condolences to Betty White’s loved ones during this time.