Betty White Estate Answers Fans’ Burning Question About Late Star’s Rooms ‘Full of Stuffed Animals’

by Amanda Glover

Well, Outsiders, we finally know whether or not the rumors about Betty White were true; they were! Add that to the long list of reasons to love the icon.

The late actress was indeed a proud collector of stuffed animals. My favorite of the bunch is White’s pink elephant.

In a recent Instagram post, representatives of the late actress and comedian revealed her love of stuffed animals. The caption read, “Many people have asked if Betty really had a room full of stuffed animals. The answer is she had several! Here is a sampling of some of the friends who took up residence in our office over the years.”

Of course, fans shared their joy of the late “Golden Girls” actress’ toy collection. One fan suggested something likely to have a positive outcome. The comment read, “Wow love it! Can you auction some of these off to raise even more money for animals?!!”

What do you think, Outsiders? With all the money the Betty White Challenge made for animal organizations around the world, auctioning off her stuffed animals would only help increase profits!

Betty White Challenge Raises Nearly $13 Million for Animal Shelters Between Facebook and Instagram

Back in January, fans created the Betty White Challenge. The goal of the challenge was for fans to donate to an animal shelter of their choice on what would’ve been the star’s 100th birthday.

The “Mary Tyler Moore Show” was a known advocate for animals. She not only made people smile all around the world in life. Now in death, she’s also made a difference to so many animal organizations.

Back in late January, the Betty White Challenge inspired many Facebook and Instagram users to give a total of nearly $13 million to help animal shelters. According to Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, $12.7 million went to shelters and rescue operations throughout the United States. They also said on White’s birthday, they raised $900,000 from 26,000 people!

Last month, White’s team thanked fans for all their donations with a pre-recorded video of a smiling Betty White. “I just want to thank you all for your love and support over the years. Thank you so much, and stick around!” She said in the video.

More on the Betty White Challenge

Back in January, a GoFundMe representative told People Magazine that animal-specific fundraisers and donations have been up since Betty White’s death. Other organizations witnessed the same amazing change in donations. The late comedian would no doubt be quite grateful for her kind-hearted fans

Her agent and friend, Jeff Witjas, shared a touching statement with People. “The outpouring of love, the amazing amount of donations being given to all types of animal organizations is such a tribute to how Betty lived her life. As Betty would say, ‘Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

And as “Golden Girls” would say, “Thank you for being a friend.”