Betty White Estate Remembers Her ‘Soul Connection to Animals’ With Heartwarming Pic

by Megan Molseed

What better way to start our Monday than with a touching reminder of Betty White’s love of animals. And the longtime actress and comedian’s estate has certainly delivered exactly this in a heartwarming Monday morning Instagram post.

The post is a perfect reflection of not only White’s love of animals but also the love the animal world had for the actress. As the Insta post suggests, the animals are clearly drawn to White, clearly sensing the immeasurable kindness exuded by the late actress.

“Happy Monday!” notes Betty White’s estate in the Monday morning Instagram post.

“It doesn’t get much sweeter than Betty bottle-feeding a baby gerenuk,” the message adds, topping off the statement with a very sweet heart emoji.

It’s a photo befitting of a Disney cartoon as the late Betty White feeds a baby gerenuk antelope. The adorable animal looks to be right where it needs to be as it rests against Betty White, snacking on a bottle. While the young animal enjoys the meal, White smiles down towards the young antelope, lovingly stroking its long neck.

And, notes Betty White’s estate in the heartwarming Instagram post, this scene was not an uncommon one in the actress’s life. Animals were always drawn to the late actress. Just as White was regularly drawn to them.

“It didn’t matter how shy or timid or fierce and imposing an animal was,” the Monday morning Instagram post continues.

“They were all drawn to Betty,” the Insta message adds.

“They sensed her kindness,” the message continues. “She really had a soul connection to animals and it was beautiful to witness.”

Truly an Animal Whisperer!

The Monday morning Instagram post nailed Betty’s relationship with the wild kingdom perfectly. It was a special power of sorts that the longtime animal activist held. One that she often showed off in her unending commitment to all animals big and small.

In fact, another recent Instagram post from the late actress’s estate shows White and former Mary Tyler Moore co-star Georgina Engel doing something that few would ever dare do…feeding giant brown bears!

In the adorable post, both White and Engel are fearless as they lovingly interact with a huge brown bear. Feeding the animal and affectionately petting their new furry friend.

“Not only did I have the BEST boss ever, she was friends with some of the best people EVER!!” exclaims White’s estate in the recent Instagram post.

The touching Insta post goes on to note that the two animal lovers had quite a bit in common.

“I was blessed to count Georgia Engel as one of my dearest friends as well,” the Instagram caption reads. “These two ladies were so kind, so caring, so funny, so loving… and that bear is pretty great too.”