Betty White Fans Can Celebrate Her 100th Birthday in Theaters for One Night Only

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Betty White will hit a special milestone early next year. On January 17th, the icon will celebrate her 100th birthday. Fans can celebrate her special day, too.

For one night only, fans will be able to see a special event in theaters. “Betty White: 100 Years Young — A Birthday Celebration” will be distributed to 900 theaters across the U.S. Of course, the show will be on her birthday. Tickets will go on sale tomorrow, December 17th.

Those watching in theaters will get a behind-the-scenes look at all things Betty. This includes her relationships with family and friends and her commitment to animals. Her 100th birthday party will also be featured in the show. The party will be star-studded. Ryan Reynolds, Tina Fey, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, Valerie Bertinelli, James Corden, and Jennifer Love Hewitt will all be at the party. Additionally, highlights from her career will be shown, per NY Post. Fans can expect to see reels from Saturday Night Live, Hot in Cleveland, and the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Filmmaker Steve Boettcher didn’t want to let the day pass without bringing friends, co-stars, and millions of fans together to celebrate the national treasure.

Fans will also be able to honor Betty White’s time on The Golden Girls. Golden-Con: Thank You for Being a Fan will host its inaugural event in Chicago next year. Betty will not be present at the convention, due to her age. She currently lives in California and no longer travels by plane.

Betty White Honored in New Book

Betty’s 100th birthday theatrical event and the new Golden Girls convention both celebrate the actress, but Ray Richmond wanted to give the star a long-lasting honor. Ahead of Betty’s birthday, Richmond has written a book celebrating her. Betty’s life could fill books and books – as a matter of fact, she already has three memoirs. The actress has been in the entertainment industry for over 90 years. Richmond didn’t want to try to condense her life to the pages of a book. Instead, he wanted to focus on those pivotal moments that make Betty so special to us all.

Betty’s life is admirable in so many ways. In his book, Richmond touches on what makes her such a pop-culture staple. The diversity of her portfolio and her lifelong humbleness both make her an important part of American entertainment. She remains down-to-earth and relatable.

The book, accurately named Betty White: 100 Remarkable Moments in an Extraordinary Life, goes through her life chronologically and touches on some of her best moments. Obviously, the book starts at the very beginning of her life – being born in Oak Park, Illinois. We get to fall in love with Betty all over again as we go through the most important stages of her life, from being an actress to a passionate animal advocate, and everything in between.