Betty White Fans Pry Into ‘Golden Girls’ Star’s Dating Life Ahead of 100th Birthday

by Josh Lanier

Fans of Betty White are arguing if she should date a Saturday Night Live comedian before she turns 100. But the Golden Girls star won’t say what she’s up to behind the scenes.

The joke started last week where all weird Internet memes begin now: Twitter. Betty White was trending, and some fans feared the worst — that she had started dating Pete Davidson. After someone made that joke, it started a deluge of responses, according to The Sun.

The press has linked the 28-year-old Saturday Night Live star to dozens of high-profile actresses and models in recent years, and he gained the reputation for being a bit of a player. But some worried White would be too much for him.

Betty White would wreck Pete Davidson,” one person tweeted. “Pete Davidson could not handle Betty White,” another person chimed in.

White’s reps didn’t want to play along with the joke, though.

“Betty keeps her dating life private,” they told the British tabloid.

What we do know is that White is spending more time at home. She said she likes to watch the ducks in her backyard and chow down on her famous diet of hot dogs and vodka.

The Hollywood legend reaches triple digits in January. Until then, anyone dating Pete Davidson should watch out that she doesn’t steal him away.

Betty White: Lucille Ball Helped After Husband’s Death

There is no doubt that Betty White is a saucy lady. At 99, she has more vigor than 99 percent of us. But she was a one-man woman for most of her life. She married three times, but the first two only lasted a combined three years. The love of her life was Allen Ludden. They wed in 1963.

“I had 18 wonderful years with Allen Ludden,” she told Piers Morgan. She joked the first two marriages were just “rehearsals.”

Allen Ludden died in 1981 after suffering from stomach cancer. White said Lucille Ball helped her get through it. The two have been close friends since Ball saw a kindred spirit in the fellow comedienne in the late 1950s.

White said Ball was one of “the friends who set about putting the pieces back together. (Lucy) was convinced the sure cure for anything was backgammon. She made me laugh in spite of myself.”

White got the chance to repay her when Desi Arnaz died in 1986. Ball and Arnaz divorced in 1960, and Ball remarried in 1963. But the death still hurt. White and Ball were filming an episode of Password when they got the news.

“Lucy was being real funny on the show, but during a break she said, ‘You know, it’s the damnedest thing. I didn’t think I’d get this upset,’” White remembered. “It was a funny feeling, kind of a lovely, private moment.”