Betty White Filmed a Video for Her Fans 10 Days Before Her Death

by Josh Lanier

Betty White recorded a video message for her fans only a few days before her death. The Golden Girls star was filming for an upcoming documentary on her 100th birthday. Unfortunately, White died on New Year’s Eve, three weeks shy of her centennial.

The documentary now became a retrospective of her many major milestones and all the time she accomplished in her impressive life. Then Betty White died unexpectedly on Saturday. Her thank you became a eulogy of a life well-lived. She also wanted to make it clear during filming that this was less about her and more about her fans. They helped her get up in the morning and pushed her to do more with her time. She wanted to thank them for the vigor that flowed through her veins.

“On Dec. 20, she did a short little video for us… it was kind of a tribute to her fans that were going to be with her at the event,” producer Steve Boettcher told Entertainment Tonight. “It’s kind of a shout-out to her fans that she did 10 days before she passed away.”

Boettcher said it was a fitting final send-off for the Hollywood star. She spent seven decades making sure her fans knew how important they were to her.

“I think Betty had this feeling, the sense that sometimes movie stars on the big screen are unapproachable, but with Betty, and her career, it happened on the small screen, on the television screen, and she felt she was invited into people’s homes every week. Whether it was the ‘Mary Tyler Moore Show’ or ‘Password’ or ‘Hot in Cleveland’ or ‘Golden Girls,’ she was invited in people’s living rooms. … I think Betty really embraced that and cherished that relationship.”

What Was Betty White Documentary Going to Look Like

Before Betty White died, producers had big plans for White’s big birthday, producers said. They wanted to show the Golden Girls star in a different light than audiences had ever seen her before. Moreover, they wanted to say the authentic star, someone that she kept hidden for most of her life.

“I think what’s fun about the film is that it shows Betty in kind of quiet moments. Betty at home, Betty with a few friends, Betty with animals, and it kind of shows may be another side of Betty. Off the stage and out of the limelight, but still the Betty we all know and love,” he said. “You know, what I think really defines Betty is how genuine she is and I think it’s something you can’t fake and in a business that’s sometimes may be challenging, she has risen above it all. I think she’s genuine with her fans, genuine with cast members, and I think that’s really has served her well.”