Betty White ‘Has a Mouth on Her,’ According to Former Costar

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Amanda Edwards/WireImage

Betty White is a comedic genius and perhaps one of the most beloved stars in the entertainment world. People seem to have a hard time saying anything negative about the adorable 99-year-old actress that has spent more than 75 years in show business.

While it’s hard to spot negative remarks about Betty White, you may hear plenty of not-so-pleasant words coming out of her mouth. In fact, the hilarious “Golden Girls” star is notorious for her potty mouth.

It only makes us love her more. It’s no brand new knowledge that Betty White has razor-sharp wit, after all.

Betty White and a Potty Mouth

Recently, Emily Osment shared what it was like to work with Betty White on her sitcom “Young & Hungry” a few years ago. White appeared for two episodes of the sitcom. Osment had a lot to say about working with the legendary actor and comedian.

“She’s got a mouth on her! I don’t know what words I can say on this television show, so I’m going to hold back,” Osment said about Betty White while on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” Osment is currently in a new sitcom called “Pretty Smart.”

Emily Osment, as for the rest of the crew, reacted in awe while working with White on the show. She said that everyone was awestruck over getting to see and meet her. Osment said that White demands a level of respect when she walks into a room that is beyond deserved.

“She’s very funny. I was very fortunate to work with Betty. I mean, first of all, she’s beautiful. She’s just so stunning to look at, she’s got really beautiful skin, and she shows up and she’s, you know, razzing you,” Osment said. She also shared that Betty White brought in a whole group of exotic animals while she was working on “Young & Hungry.” Fans of White know that she is a massive animal rights activist.

White and Her Jokester Ways

Betty White has never been shy about her sometimes profane language. The comedic icon has given her fans plenty of glimpses of that side of her in the past.

For example, she once had a hilarious profanity-driven review of “Deadpool.” She reviewed it in the best way possible, with an obscene amount of F-bombs and curse words. It is a “Deadpool” review, after all.

When it comes to pranks and humorous rebuttals, no one is safe around Betty White. James Corden learned to watch his back after getting prank-called by the “Golden Girls” star in 2015. She pretended to be incredibly high maintenance and had a number of requests. She said at one point, “My dressing room, as it is now, is brown,” all the while faking disgust.