Betty White Honored Ahead of 100th Birthday With New Book About Her Being Awesome

by Madison Miller

The comedic legend herself, Betty White, has a new book written in her honor, as is only right as we approach her 100th birthday. Some even want the day to be announced as an official national holiday.

It’s hard to find someone that would argue with that decision.

Betty White Book Honors 100th Birthday

The famous “The Golden Girls” star has spent close to 90 years working in the entertainment business. Author Ray Richmond recently wrote a book that is timed with her massive birthday milestone on January 17.

There’s obviously more than enough content when it comes to the decades-long career of White. However, she has already had three memoirs, not to mention probably thousands of news interviews, during her life. What else could we possibly have to read or write about her?

Well, Richmond decided to make a collection of some of her best moments in life (so far). He named the book “Betty White: 100 Remarkable Moments in an Extraordinary Life.” I’m surprised he was able to cap it at 100, seeing as there’s realistically closer to a thousand.

It was published by Becker & Mayer Books. Richmond took it as an opportunity to do a deep dive into what has made her one of the most beloved pop culture figures ever. Besides being hilarious (“Get at least eight hours of beauty sleep, nine if you’re ugly”), White surely knows how to entertain in all ways. She also gives back through a variety of organizations and has a particular soft spot for animals.

“She’s humble about it all. She doesn’t think she’s all that. That’s attractive to mainstream America. She knows how to measure the room and the mood better than any entertainer I’ve ever seen. And she knows her brand better than anyone. She knows her limits what lines she can cross. She does it with flair and sophistication,” Richmond said to Variety regarding the book.

A Living Legend and Continued Icon

Part of what makes Betty White so beloved is her ability to stay relevant for so long. Besides her roles in classic sitcoms like “Hot in Cleveland” and “The Golden Girls,” which tend to appeal to older generations, White has plenty of younger admirers, too. This is largely due to roles in movies like “The Proposal” opposite of Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock or even “You Again” with Kristen Bell.

Not to mention she’s got that major achievement of being the oldest person to ever host “Saturday Night Live.”

The book is chronological as it focuses on these 100 moments, starting with her birth in Oak Park, Illinois. It then will focus on her evolution as an actor, animal advocate, author, amongst other things.

One of our favorites is her title as quite the potty mouth. Or maybe even her exuberant self-confidence (“I may be a senior, but so what? I’m still hot.”) We’ll never forget when she asked Gerard Butler how he felt about older women on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”