Betty White Meets a New Puppy in Photo From 2020

by Amy Myers

Even though the legendary comedienne and animal advocate Betty White has passed, her assistant is helping to keep her memory alive.

Earlier today, White’s assistant Kiersten Mikelas posted another rendition of the actress’ interactions with animals. This time, the photo was extra special because the pup in the pic belongs to Mikelas. White posed beside a blue-eyed Australian shepherd with a toy in her lap.

“Although Betty’s beloved Golden Retriever, Pontiac, passed away in 2017, we made sure she always had opportunities to get her hands on fur babies. In this picture from early 2020 she’s meeting my new-at-the-time pup, Molly,” Mikelas wrote in the caption.

Now that White’s Instagram account serves as a memorial to her life’s work, fans use the comments to share their admiration for the centenarian star and swap hilarious and heartwarming stories.

“She is and was such an incredible lady, so glad I wrote to her and read and received her autograph( Hilariously I sent her a young picture one time and received an older pic back and sent an older one later and received a young picture),” one fan of Betty White shared.

Another said, “She’s always loved fur babies and protected them.”

“Molly looks happy to be with Betty as Betty is with Molly,” a third added.

Some of Betty White’s Favorite Castmates and Friends

Of course, as we know, Molly was just one of the many animals that White knew over the years. From bears to porcupines to just about every creature in between, the animal advocate was more than happy to share the spotlight with them. However, throughout her years, it seems that dogs truly had a special place in her heart.

Here are some other lucky canines that got some love from Betty White over the years.

“Today’s fun photo memory. I took this photo a few years ago when the wonderful Georgia Engel visited our office with her friend, Shyla, the hybrid wild dog,” White’s assistant shared earlier last month. In the photo, White shared a kiss with the “wild dog” as fellow actress and animal lover Engel smiled brightly beside her.

Last year, White, herself, shared a photo with a furry friend to honor National Pet Day. The photo was a throwback to her younger years, as she posed on some stone stairs with a fluffy, little pup on her lap.

“Happy National Pet Day to all my animal friends out there, both two legged and four legged! I have been a pet lover all my life. #nationalpetday,” Betty White wrote.