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Betty White Smiles in One of Her Final Photos Before the Icon Passed Away

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

No one ever saw Betty White without a smile on her face!

Last night, Betty White’s assistant shared a heartwarming Instagram post with Betty’s followers. In the picture, you will see Betty White sitting next to a close friend of hers with the biggest smile on her face. It was very unlikely to not see Betty anything but happy.

In the caption of the post, her assistant said, “You guys are lucky it’s a two-post day. Many people have had really big feelings about the profile pic. So, I decided to post what I’m sure is the last photo taken of her. Same day. After we completed recording the video for the film. I don’t have many pictures with her, because I never felt like I wanted to impose since she was always asked to take photos with people wherever we went. But I asked on 12/20/21 and I’m so glad I did. A wonderful memory of a happy, fun-filled day!”

Fans Comment on How Wonderful She Looked in the Photo

In addition to the post, her many followers continue to flood the comments with the kindest words. For instance, a few of them commented on how beautiful she looked.

One user said, “She looked beautiful, she will be missed.”

Another fan said, “She was such a beauty. What a wonderful memory you now have to keep and hang on to.”

Additionally, someone noticed the lady wore a mask around her. So of course, she had to mention it.

“It is actually a nicer picture of her and I am so happy to see you tried to keep her safe by wearing a mask FOR HER. Kudos for loving her that much,” they said.

Why Betty White’s Assistant Chose to Honor Her Legacy on Social Media

In honor of Betty White’s passing, her assistant, Kiersten Mikelas is posting daily throwbacks in memory of her.

The world will forever hold a special place in their heart for Ms. Betty. Whenever she posted on social media, fans would instantly blow it up with likes and comments. Her posts varied from animal shelter organizations to throwbacks from her band, Golden Girls. No matter what she did, she always gave people a friendly smile through her many memories.

Since Mikelas has been there for Betty for years, Betty’s Estate gave her this wonderful opportunity. I mean, how could you not say yes to honoring a legend, especially Betty.

Overall, it looks like Kiersten Mikelas is having a blast interacting with Betty’s fans.