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Betty White’s Assistant Says the Late Actress Received ‘More Fan Mail Than Ever’ During the Pandemic

by Jacklyn Krol
Amanda Edwards, Getty Images

Betty White was being sent the most fan mail during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Golden Girl’s assistant Kiersten has been doing her best to keep up with White’s social media accounts since her tragic passing. For big fans of White, they know that she actually responded to fan mail and often sent autographs and advice to her fans.

“During the pandemic, Betty received more fan mail than ever,” her assistant wrote. “(And she easily received hundreds to even thousands of letters each week during pre-pandemic times). She did her best to sign and respond to as many as she could and always felt badly that we never managed to get through them all.”

Her assistant has let fans into White’s personal life. She shared the final photos of White and sweet memories. She even posted a photo of her scrabble-themed birthday cake for her 96th. Fans also got to know some of White’s friends who have contributed photos and letters about our favorite Golden Girl. Kiersten will be managing her social media accounts moving forward, a job she previously did not hold. We can’t wait to see more memories of Betty White!

Betty White and Her Animal Friends

The Betty White Challenge raised approximately $13 million for animal shelters, rescues, and zoos across the country. In honor of her 100th birthday, fans took it upon themselves to donate to causes that she was passionate about. In return, White has her very own zoo tour and two animals named after her.

White spent a lot of time at The Los Angeles Zoo. So they decided to honor her time there by matching donations and giving one week’s worth of hot dog sales to her fund. Additionally, they built a physical memorial and created a self-guided zoo tour of White’s favorite parts of the zoo.

The Seeing Eye organization is a nonprofit that White was a supporter of for more than 40 years. They match blind people with service dogs. They celebrated her 100th birthday by naming their newest recruit after her. The female Yellow Labrador Retriever is named Betty. She will go through two years of extensive training to become a guide dog.

The Cincinnati Zoo named their new little blue penguin chick Rose, after her Golden Girls character.

“Betty White was a huge Zoo supporter and animal lover,” Cincinnati Zoo Director Thane Maynard told The Enquirer. “I had the pleasure of making her acquaintance years ago when she attended a Cincinnati Zoo fundraiser. We introduced her to our first ambassador cheetah, Angel.”