Betty White’s Co-Star Vicki Lawrence Remembers the Icon: ‘Sweet and Happy and Fun and Raunchy’

by Hannah Heser

Betty White’s co-star and dear friend, Vicki Lawrence, is still mourning the tragic loss. Upon meeting each other, they co-starred in The Carol Burnett Show, which aired for approximately 11 years. It’s crazy how fast time flies, right? One minute you’re discovering who you are the next you’re mourning the loss of your closest friends.

The show that lasted for 11 years sparked the beginning of a true friendship. And Vicki Lawrence is devasted by this unfortunate news. In order to remember this icon, she describes White as sweet, happy, fun, and most of all, raunchy. Meaning that she was a down-to-earth soul who never let anyone get in her way. She was also there for everyone when they needed her. That’s why the loss of Betty White is incredibly hard for so many of us.

Now that you see Lawrence’s words, you’re probably wondering why she chose these exact ones. Well, they always brought out the best in her during White’s time. Here’s why.

Why Vicki Lawrence Chose These Words to Describe Betty White

First of all, Betty White’s death was a complete shock to Vicki. She told The Hollywood Reporter that when she went through her emails, a notification popped up with the devastating news. Furthermore, she didn’t know how to feel because all she could say is, “No! This is like the period at the end of a fu**ing year!”

Afterward, she spends time remembering all of the memories she had with White. Such as her marriage with Allen Ludden, who passed in 1981. On the bright side, she can now reunite with him in the afterlife. I mean, everybody assumes there has to be one, right?

While Vicki is reminiscing, The Hollywood Reporter did a quick interview with her on her time with Betty White. They asked her questions from what it was like working with her to the kind of person she portrayed.

And that is where those four words came from.

“My recollections of Betty are nothing but sweet and happy and fun and raunchy,” Vicki told The Hollywood Reporter. “But she was also very professional. She never missed a line and the only outtake I can remember was on Mama’s Family.”

Seems like Vicki cherished her friend more than anyone else on this planet. Because Betty was known as a woman who never took no for an answer, people had to bring their A-game while playing against her. And that’s what people loved most about her.

Did Vickie Lawrence Speak With Betty Often?

Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to reach her before she passed away. She said it was unlikely not to hear from her. And her sudden death was heartbreaking, even though the world knew it was coming. Now, we can only reach her through memories and prayers.