Betty White’s ‘Dear Friend’ Tom Sullivan Pens Touching Tribute in New Post

by Hannah Heser

Our beloved Betty White continues to receive tributes from her friends and family.

This week it was Tom Sullivan’s turn. He wrote two full pages describing Betty’s remarkable personality and soul.

Earlier today, Tom Sullivan shared his tribute on Betty White’s Instagram account. At first, you will find a photograph of what appears to be Betty White and her family. They all look happier than ever. I mean, how could you not be happy around America’s sweetheart?

In the caption of the post, Betty White’s Estate said, “Today’s post was written by Betty’s dear friend, Tom Sullivan.”

Throughout the comment section, fans are blowing it up with nothing but love. They all loved Betty White and said her legacy would live on forever.

A few fans, for example, said that this is their favorite page on Instagram.

“This is literally my favorite page. Thank you for sharing with us. Love you Betty.”

Another fan said, “I love the direction of this page… May Betty live on forever.”

How the Relationship Between Tom Sullivan & Betty White Began

Firstly, Tom Sullivan and Betty White go way back. About 54 years ago, to be exact. In the tribute, Sullivan said he performed at a small club on Cape Cod. At the same time, Betty and her husband, Allen Ludden, were also performing in Cape Cod. During that night, Sullivan said he “had the pleasure of joining them for drinks, singing some of their favorite songs with them, and examining their show business intelligence.”

From then on, Betty and Allen opened up the door for Tom Sullivan’s career in show business. During every performance, talk show, and anything else he did, White would always be there cheering him on.

They even bonded over animal rescue organizations. Furthermore, Betty sent him an invite to the board of directors of The Morris Animal Foundation. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this, it is the largest firm of health studies for many animals. If you didn’t know, Betty is a huge animal lover, so it only makes sense that her friends would join her in the different organizations.

To end the lovely piece, he embarked on how great a person she truly was.

“The Sullivan’s will never adequately fill the hole in our hearts, but the legacy of the lessons and the humanity that Betty has left us with will serve us well,” he said. “Until we join her on the next plane.”

Orlando Animal Shelter Receives $50K in Donations in Honor of Betty

Since we all know Betty was a huge animal lover, the Orlando Animal Shelter received a generous donation in honor of her.

With that said, fans everywhere encouraged each other to donate at least $5 to an animal charity to celebrate White’s 100th birthday. And that’s when the shelter in Orlando received over $50,500 in donations. Never forget that a little amount goes a long way.