Betty White’s Wholesome Reason for Being an Hour Late to the Set of ‘Mama’s Family’

by Chase Thomas

Betty White was an iconic actress and star for so many decades. Her warmth and personality will be remembered for years and years. For the last week following her tragic passing, fans and coworkers have taken to various social media platforms to publicly mourn the passing of Betty White. It has spawned countless memories and moments and quotes from Betty over the years that have been a delight to see. Another anecdote regarding Betty also recently came to the forefront, as she had a wholesome reason for being an hour late to the set of ‘Mama’s Family’ back in the day.

Yes, Vicki Lawrence, who worked on the show with Betty, recalled a time when Betty White was quite late to a rehearsal for the program. Her reason, Outsiders? Well, as Lawrence tells it to THR, “One day she was late for rehearsal.”

She continued, “Nobody could reach her. But to be an hour late was unlike her. We were worried to death. She was always on time and prepared. When she finally walked in, she said she was sorry, but she was driving down Sunset Boulevard, and there were two golden retrievers in the middle of the road. And of course, she had to stop — and stop traffic — right in the middle of Sunset Boulevard and get the dogs into her car and get them home. She had to. That’s who she was.”

The Story

How amazing is that, Outsiders? Betty White had a heart of gold and loved animals with her whole heart. Sure, she was late to the rehearsal, but there were two golden retrievers that needed her help, and Betty White went to go help. That is what she did and did well.

Lawrence added about Betty White, “My recollections of Betty are nothing but sweet and happy and fun and raunchy and bawdy.” That sounds like what made Betty so likable and so funny for so many folks. She continued, “But she was so professional in the middle of all that. I don’t remember Betty ever missing a line. It was so rare. She was so prepared. The only outtake I can remember ever was on Mama’s Family.”

She was a professional, but she also had fun. She was able to blend both being funny and being prepared for the job that she was doing.

Betty White Quotes

Part of what made Betty White so legendary was her awesome quotes. For instance, she once said, “I just make it my business to get along with people so I can have fun. It’s that simple.”

That’s who Betty White was. She liked to have and get along with everyone. Life is too short to spend time doing anything but that, and she embraced that way of being.