‘Big Sky’ Fans Mourn Show’s Lengthy Hiatus, Why It’s Taking a Break

by Taylor Cunningham
Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

It’s going to be months before we get any resolution from the Big Sky fall finale. And the wait is already proving to be torturous for fans.

Last week, Big Sky finished the year in a big way. Ronald is back on the run, and Ren’s brother has been sent to lead the drug cartel, which means the family business is about to become even more twisted.

But those developments weren’t even the most shocking twists. Jenny also found out that her new beau Travis has been working undercover to gain Ren’s trust, and Jenny’s not sure how she’s feeling about the relationship. But the biggest cliffhanger was devastating.

Cassie’s dad Joseph finally snagged his dream by buying a local ranch. But while Joseph was celebrating, Ronald killed him. And to make the murder as heartbreaking as possible, Ronald left the body for Cassie to find in her office.

Clearly, we’re all desperately wondering how all of these developments will play out. But we’re going to have to wait a long time before we see the Big Sky characters return to the screen.

‘Big Sky’ is Taking a Two Month Break

Like most primetime shows, the crime drama planned on taking a short hiatus while fans enjoy the holidays— ratings usually drop due to busy schedules and Christmastime specials. However, most of our favorite series will be back by early to mid-January. But not Big Sky.

Because of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Big Sky producers decided to wait longer than usual to start the next story arc. Historically, the Olympics draws millions of viewers away from their regularly scheduled programs. So they didn’t want fans missing out on major episodes.

And fans were less than thrilled to hear the news.

What Fans Are Saying About the Hiatus on Social Media

Not long after figuring out that the series would be on hiatus for over two months, people headed to social media to express their displeasure.

“You guys and all these breaks is losing my interest,” @cheaterbae wrote on Twitter. “You’re literally playing with your fans lol”

And another person isn’t losing interest, but they’re furious about having to wait so long to see what happens.

“Chile that ending and the show isn’t coming back until February,” KaMz added alongside several angry emojis.

But Done Caring asked the question that we all want an answer to.

“Why they don’t tell us when in February @BigSkyABC will return?”

As of now, all we know is that the series will return sometime after the Winter Olympics. For some reason, the Big Sky won’t give up the exact date.