‘Big Sky’ Takes Fans on a Set Tour Ahead of New Episode This Week

by Madison Miller

We may still have to wait a few more days for a new episode of “Big Sky,” but photos from behind the scenes give us an idea of what’s in store.

The official “Big Sky” Twitter account shared two photos for fans to get a sneak peek. One picture shows an extremely old-fashioned greyish blue car and some sort of wagon. The other photo is a gorgeous snapshot of what appears to be a kitchen and dining room area.

It features a wood-paneled wall with artwork, sleek white appliances, and a delicious-looking fruit tart sitting on the dining table.

So, what exactly is going down on season 2, episode 7 of “Big Sky?” The new episode is titled “Little Boxes” and will focus on Cassie and Jenny’s grueling search for Travis. While they are searching for Jenny’s new lover, they find a message that is meant for Dietrich that is extremely gruesome.

Meanwhile, it appears that Tonya will be doing better with her new job alongside Donno and Ren. She was a kidnapping victim but eventually decided that business may be greener with Ren and her violent sidekick Donno.

As for the kids, they’re trying to stay on the down-low. They will be treating Creary’s injuries.

It seems to be an exciting episode after some time away. The last episode, “Heartshaped Charm,” aired on November 18.

We’re also getting very close to the midseason finale of the show, “The End Has No End.” We will get introduced to WWE professional wrestler Jinder Mahal’s character and Jerrie will also come back after dealing with her family business.

Janina Gavankar’s Character and More on ‘Big Sky’

One of the most exciting additions to season two is the terrifying, yet very entertaining duo, which is Ren and Donno.

Ren is played by Janina Gavankar, who recently spoke to TV Line about how her character is a little misunderstood. Although she works in her family’s dangerous drug business, she doesn’t get nearly as violent as others do.

“The thing about Ren that you might not notice at the jump — because she seems like an evil, evil lady — is that she’s actually not there to kill a bunch of people. She’s actually there to work smarter than her family. She’s there trying to prove that you don’t have to kill a bunch of people to get the job done,” Gavankar said to the news outlet.

She also notes that she hasn’t done a whole lot of terrible stuff since rolling into town. Ren also presents an alluring aura of power and has others around her doing not-so-pleasant stuff, but her slate is rather clean. She did, however, steal a hat during one past episode.