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‘Big Sky’: Here’s When the Show Will Air Its Next Episode

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic)

Thursday night’s Big Sky episode, Heart-Shaped Charm brought in some pretty great viewership ratings for ABC.

And, as always the latest Big Sky left fans wanting more. Especially as they gear up for the seventh episode of the hit series’ second season, Little Boxes.

However, it may be some time before Big Sky fans can expect to see the episode premiere on ABC.

Now that the season of holidays is upon us, Big Sky fans can expect to be looking at a small hiatus for the brand-new ABC drama. After all, next week is Thanksgiving. And traditionally, Thanksgiving programming doesn’t often include television premieres.

Instead, many of the major networks fill the airwaves with some of the holiday specials we all know and love. It’s a move that makes a lot of sense. But, this move can also be a frustrating move. Fans are certainly eager to find out what is going to be happening to their favorite Big Sky characters.

‘Big Sky’ Takes A Bit Of A Hiatus Going Into December

However, the upcoming schedules don’t seem to be favoring the fans over the next few weeks, either. The popular ABC series won’t be returning to the air for the next week after the holiday, either.

According to Matt & Jess, this decision is likely a well-planned one, as the network makes sure that Big Sky will end the hiatus with fans returning to the series, rather than flipping the channel to catch Annie Live which is set to air on NBC that evening.

This much-anticipated special featuring everyone’s favorite musical orphan is expected to pull in significant ratings for the evening. This, of course, gives any other shows airing that evening quite the competition.

Because of this, Big Sky fans will not have the opportunity to watch a new episode of the hit series until Thursday, December 9.

This will be a big night for ABC, however, as many of the network’s most popular dramas such as Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 will be returning to the air that night as well.

A December Evening of Drama On ABC!

Clearly, fans like to watch the new episodes of all-three dramas in the evening. So, keeping the three shows on the same schedule is an important piece of bringing in the maximum number of viewers for the night.

One big drawback to the brief hiatus Big Sky will be taking over Thanksgiving is the fact that ABC has not released very many details about the next brand-new episode set to air on December 9.

So far, all that fans have really learned is the title for the show, Little Boxes. While we may not know too many specifics yet, we do know that Big Sky will surely continue to bring fans the same nonstop action and wild mysteries for which the show has been known since it premiered last year.