‘Big Sky’ Highlights Ronald’s New Predicament in Tense Photo

by Madison Miller

During season one of “Big Sky,” Ronald Pergman had a deadly affinity for locking people up.

We first met Ronald when he was a big rig truck driver. He stopped at a truck stop and picked up a prostitute. The twist was that he was actually a piece of a larger kidnapping scheme. He was working with Montana Highway Patrol Officer Rick Legarski.

Together, the two kidnapped and locked three women away. The plan was to give them away to some other buyer. Luckily, Cassie and Jenny were able to rescue the kidnapping victims.

That wasn’t the end of Ronald’s reign of terror, however. He ended up killing his mother, his former pastor, and even his girlfriend’s sister, amongst others. He even kidnapped a young local boy named Erik and kept him in a cage in his basement for a period of time.

We slowly learn that Ronald is far more sinister than we initially thought. However, now he’s under the control of Rick Legarski’s long-lost twin brother, Wolfgang. He is a hippie-like character that lives on a farm and sports a stylish ponytail.

Ronald Pergman Predicament on ‘Big Sky’

The “Big Sky” Twitter account shared an image from Thursday’s episode. It shows Wolf on top of Ronald after he performs a WWE-style takedown on him. It’s epically captioned, “The tables have turned.” This is clearly referencing the fact that Ronald is now someone else’s prisoner after unleashing havoc on countless people’s lives.

Wolf has made it his mission to “fix” Ronald and make him a part of his strange animalistic “wolf pack.” Wolf told Ronald in the last episode, “It is my mission in life now to undo all the evil he unleashed on the world. And that starts with you.”

Scarlet is also trapped on the farm, but the two aren’t allowed to speak to each other until Ronald accepts his role in the food chain there. Wolf refers to him as “less than a dog.” Even while captured, Ronald is stuck in old habits.

Future for Pergman

He threatens Wolf by saying he’s going to kill him as soon as he gets out. He also eyes some gardening tools that can be used to inflict a gruesome death if necessary, which is what leads to the altercation outside.

At this point, it’s unclear how Ronald could possibly get out of this situation. Not only is he locked up in chains, but he’s also out on a farm in what could possibly be the middle of nowhere. This is Montana, after all.

His only hope is likely Scarlet. She is being given far more freedom (she’s even holding a sharp gardening tool that can be used for some evil). Based on the couple’s reaction after seeing each other from afar, both have a weak spot for each other.

Hopefully, viewers of “Big Sky” will also learn how Ronald and Scarlet ended up with Wolf, to begin with. It’s possible that Wolf is a part of a bigger scheme, or Wolf Pack if you will, than we can currently see.