‘Big Sky’ Star Janina Gavankar Wants You to Know Ren Isn’t as Evil as She Seems

by Joe Rutland

Big Sky fans have been getting used to seeing Janina Gavankar in her role of Ren on the ABC drama this season. But she’s not that bad.

Gavankar, who joined the cast of the show this season, made her comments in an interview with TVLine.

“The thing about Ren that you might not notice at the jump — because she seems like an evil, evil lady — is that she’s actually not there to kill a bunch of people,” she said. “She’s actually there to work smarter than her family.

“She’s there trying to prove that you don’t have to kill a bunch of people to get the job done,” Gavankar said. “So even though, ironically, everybody’s looking at her like she’s some bad lady, she’s actually there to be sweet.”

The Big Sky actress laughs and says, “As sweet as she can be about getting her money and drugs.”

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‘Big Sky’ Star Believes That Her Character Is ‘Still In Control’ On Drama

Now you will have to excuse Gavankar when she talks about Ren. It seems that the Big Sky actress wants us to know that Ren is still in control of many things.

Would she like to offer some clarification? That is what Gavankar does.

She said that she believes Ren still “feels like she’s in control.

“Now, she’s annoyed that there are a lot of moving parts,” Gavankar said. “But I think she, at this point, still believes that she’s got everything under her control.

The actress also said that Ren knew “she was landing into something messy, and that’s part of the job is cleanup.”

Gavankar’s television work includes appearances on Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS, True Blood, The Exes, Arrow, and Sleepy Hollow. She was born in Joliet, Ill., in 1980.

John Carroll Lynch Gives Fans A Little Inside Look At His New Character

It’s understandable if those Big Sky fans looked up in Season 2 and shook their heads.

They probably looked at their TV screens, seeing John Carroll Lynch there, and thought, “Hey, he’s dead.”

Well, that’s true but Lynch indeed is in the next season of the ABC drama.

Who is the veteran actor playing?

Wolfgang “Wolf” Legarski. Wolf does have an animalistic mentality in his life. He lives his life according to the rules of a wolf pack.

In one scene, Wolf lets Ronald know details of his core mission.

“It is my mission in life now to undo all the evil he unleashed on the world,” Wolf said. “And that starts with you,” Wolf said.

Oh, the “he” that Wolf refers to is Rick Legarski.