‘Big Sky’: Jenny Deals with Aftermath of Bloody Season 1 Finale and Makes Major Change

by Madison Miller

We know that “Big Sky” is willing to kill just about anyone that appears on the screen, but the main character Jenny Hoyt pulled through.

During the season one finale of the show, Jenny got shot. She was working on transporting Ronald Pergman alongside U.S. Marshal Mark Lindor. Just when we thought Ronald was finally captured, he slips loose once again. A mysterious group of incredibly violent people shoots him out of police custody.

Viewers last see Jenny as she gets loaded into an ambulance, slowly bleeding out. Meanwhile, Ronald murders the man transporting him and his girlfriend, Scarlet, and they take his car.

Jenny Makes Big Choices Over on ‘Big Sky’

In the season two premiere of “Big Sky” from last night, Jenny is still kicking despite those bullets to the torso. After surviving a near-death situation, she decides to make a major change in her life.

We learn that she is accepting Sherriff Tubb’s offer to return to law enforcement and to get her badge back. She tells him, “I have a second chance, a do-over, and I want to take it.” Almost dying by gunfire definitely makes you rethink life, after all.

Jenny is now officially the undersheriff and will work closely with Tubbs. What does that mean for Jenny and Cassie, then? The two of them were working side-by-side for Dewell & Hoyt, a private investigative detective agency. Cody Hoyt, Jenny’s murdered husband from season one, was originally the “Hoyt” in the equation. Rick Legarski quickly ended his involvement in everything, however.

The Future of Jenny and Cassie

She sits down at the bar to tell Cassie about her decision. She says, “I want to wear the badge again.” Despite losing her partner, Cassie takes it all pretty well and says “I just want you to be happy.” Cassie is more than content with her work as a private investigator. Cassie said to Jenny that she realized the academy and police work wasn’t for her because she felt like she “was buying into a system that is designed to discriminate against me.”

The two won’t be running Dewell & Hoyt together anymore. The partnership doesn’t seem to be dying off completely though. Jenny is getting the badge because she believes it will make chasing leads and getting to the bottom of these mysteries easier. This means that she will still be working on these same mysteries and the two will continue to join forces.

All in all, it seems like Jenny is handling life pretty well, all things considered. She is on the mend physically, but also romantically. Last season she lost her husband and now her son just went off to college. Some of that loneliness may be cured after she runs into one of Cody’s old friends, Travis (played by Logan Marshall-Green) at a bar.

He is working as an undercover cop and pretends not to know her at that moment. Later on, he shows up at her place and the two immediately start flirting. It escalates far beyond just flirting, however.

Jenny has a lot of new coming into her life on “Big Sky” — a new potential lover, a new career, and an entanglement in more deadly mysteries.