‘Big Sky’: Jenny ‘Realizes Her Feelings’ for Travis in Episode 6

by Jonathan Howard

Jenny and Travis have a complicated relationship on Big Sky. It has been clear how Travis feels, but now, Jenny is realizing her own feelings. So, buckle up, there could be some romance around the corner.

We got a sneak peek of a confrontation that Travis and Jenny have earlier this week. In a Twitter post, the official show account shared a two-frame picture. Travis was telling her that he was at his limit. He can’t be someone she uses for information and nothing more any longer. That’s a serious line to draw in the sand.

The undersheriff on Big Sky has not been completely honest with herself or those she cares about with her feelings. It seems her job can get in the way of making those connections. Now, Travis has gone missing while working undercover and there is going to be a confrontation with the local gang running things in town. Cassie and Jenny are found out quickly while hanging out at a bar around the ruffians.

Here is what actress Katheryn Winnick had to say about her character and the realization that she is going to have in the new episode tonight.

“This is the episode where she realizes her feelings are more involved. She needs to do whatever it takes to make sure he’s OK, and even use her badge to cross the lines of the law to hopefully find him. She is on the hunt.”

Perhaps the Big Sky star will be motivated and determined enough to rescue Travis before anything awful happens. Undercover cops don’t get five-star treatment from underground crime syndicates. If Jenny does save him, is there any way to recover their relationship? Travis has made it clear that he is tired of being used. Only time will tell.

‘Big Sky’ Who Is In Danger Before Thanksgiving?

While Travis seems to be in a sticky situation, it is very possible that Cassie and Jenny are in the most danger as the new episode gets ready to air tonight. There is going to be a shootout and there is no telling what might happen. With a possible midseason, Thanksgiving break coming up, there could be a cliffhanger waiting around the corner for fans.

If that is the case, then we will be left waiting to see what happens to our beloved characters. While Cassie and Jenny do their thing, Legarski heads out to spend time with Lindor, a man who lives a hermit lifestyle for the most part. While that is going to be interesting, there is not going to be a high chance of risk for Legarski in that situation.

So, it looks like Cassie and Jenny are once again headed right for danger. If Travis has been taken, they have to go get him. A shootout is going to go down on Big Sky and that means anything could happen. If Jenny or her PI friend gets shot then there is going to be a moment of collective breath-holding among fans until that is resolved.