‘Big Sky’: Katheryn Winnick Explains How Jenny is Looking at Life ‘Differently’ in Season 2

by Taylor Cunningham

Jenny Hoyt is trying to heal her broken heart in season two of Big Sky. And her grief has led her into the arms of an ex-lover. But Jenny isn’t rebounding. She’s only trying to move on and look at life” differently.”

Katheryn Winnick’s Jenny Hoyt never got the chance to mourn the loss of her husband Cody during the premiere season of Big Sky. Instead, two vile human traffickers kept her busy as she hunted them in the mountains of Helana, Montana.

And in season two, Jenny’s feelings are catching up to her. But she’s avoiding them by reuniting with an old flame, Travis—or so it seems. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Winnick explained that Jenny is reinventing herself and she’s genuinely happy in her relationship with Travis.

“It is Jenny 2.0,” Winnick explained. “So she’s looking at life a little differently.”

Jenny and Hoyt are having a lot of fun, but she’s not exactly looking for true love. And since she just re-joined the police force with the intention of building a solid career, she’s doesn’t want to settle down with a new husband any time soon. Instead, Jenny is simply trying to move forward with her life. And the new relationship is serving its purpose.

“Obviously, there’s chemistry [with Travis], and they have a history of knowing each other, and I don’t think she’s really thinking of falling in love again. Or even thinking of anything serious at this point,” the actress continued. “She just wants to be really good at her job, and she’s enjoying the relationship that she has with Travis. She’s enjoying the chemistry. I don’t think she’s thinking too much at this point of where it’s going to go. She’s allowed to have fun.”

‘Big Sky’ Warns to Not Trust Anyone with New Photo

A lot has changed for the characters of Big Sky in season two. Jenny Hoyt is back on the beat as a police officer, Rick Legarski has been replaced by his sinister twin Wolfgang, and Ronald has gone from abductor to abductee.

Big Sky showrunner David E Kelley is definitely keeping us on our toes as we watch this season unfold. His clever plot twists and complicated characters leave us guessing about what else could possibly happen each week.

And recently we learned that a criminal is lurking around Helana, and it may be someone we don’t expect.

Earlier this month, Big Sky’s official Twitter page gave us a cryptic clue about the episodes to come.

“Watch your back…,” they wrote next to a creepy photo. The picture shows Harper and Madison having an emotional conversation on a terrace. And by the angle of the shot, it’s apparent that someone is watching them.