‘Big Sky’: Max and Harper Play Dangerous Game in Tense New Video

by Joe Rutland

“Big Sky” is getting stressful to watch this season, Outsiders, and this video just really amps that up a whole lot more.

Max, played by Madelyn Kientz, and Harper, played by Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson, are caught in the midst of a dangerous game.

Take a look at this video released by ABC.

This comes from the episode titled “You Have to Play Along.”

The ABC drama, which is in its second season, stars Kathryn Winnick and Kylie Bunbury. Also, Brian Geraghty plays Ronald and John Carroll Lynch returned in Season 2 as “Wolf” Legarski, Rick’s brother.

David E. Kelley created the drama. “Big Sky” moved its production work to New Mexico for Season 2.

It can be seen on Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central.

‘Big Sky’ Star Lynch Offers Up Some Spicy Information About His New Character

Fans of “Big Sky” know that Rick Legarski was killed off as Season 1 finished up.

But Lynch did return for this season. Wait, Legarski was killed off so…yeah, we know, Outsiders.

As we said earlier, Lynch is now playing Rick’s twin brother, “Wolf.”

He offers up some info on that character to Deadline.

So, he said the character is going to take aim at redemption for “Wolf” and Ronald.

He’s “trying to come to a place where Ronald can atone for his sins, and Wolf can clean up the mess his brother left, in terms of his life and the life of his family,” Lynch said.

The actor worked with showrunner Elwood Reid in shaping up “Wolf.” They wanted to have a character connecting past and future.

“Big Sky” viewers will look at Rick Legarski’s past. But it also will show family ties and how they work in the storyline.

Actor Talked With Showrunner About ‘Wolf’ Always Cleaning Up Rick’s Messes

Lynch said he and Elwood talked about “Wolf” having to clean up after Rick’s messes.

“I think it will become clear that the facade of Rick Legarski was there through his whole life,” he said. “Not just through the periods of time that the audience knew him—that he had been playing at being someone for his whole life.”‘

Speaking of life, we saw Jenny making some decisions in the show’s Season 2 premiere

She is still dealing with bullets in her torso and she almost died. After this, Jenny makes a change in her life.

What will she do? She’s going back to work in law enforcement after getting an offer from Sheriff Tubb.

Jenny said to Tubb, “I have a second chance, a do-over, and I want to take it.”

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