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‘Big Sky’ Ponders the ‘Things That Must Have Went Down’ With BTS Photos

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)

Fans of the popular ABC series Big Sky have been treated to some intriguing and heart-pounding storylines since the series premiered last year.

Of course, one of the best things about Big Sky is the fact that – just as the many interesting characters both good and bad enthrall the fans – the series’s locations are just as pivotal to almost every storyline.

This, of course, is reflected in the show’s name, Big Sky, since much of the action we see is based in the gorgeous and intriguing Big Sky country region of the US.

Another big piece of the many exciting stories told in the popular ABC television series is the Boot Heel.

Big Sky fans know that just as the actions of their favorite characters drive the plot of the popular series, so does what goes down at the Boot Heel.

“Oh, the things that have gone down here…” notes a recent behind-the-scenes post to the Big Sky Twitter account.

The November 21 Twitter post includes a couple of photos depicting the outside of Big Sky’s Boot Heel as people stand around the front doors.

One of the things that make these Twitter pics particularly interesting for Big Sky fans is the sort of ominous red hue that the Boot Heel neon sign gives off.

It’s a perfect coloring to imagine when one thinks of the popular series.

‘Big Sky’ Detectives Find Common Ground

As Big Sky’s season two continues to get underway, fans have seen some big changes come for some of our favorite characters.

Some of these big changes have happened in the life of the show’s star detectives, Cassie Dewell and Jenny Hoyt.

In a scene featured in the most recent episode of the popular series, fans truly see what it is that makes this particular Dewell and Hoyt team so effective.

In the scene, Jenny Hoyt talks with Cassie as she struggles with her budding relationship with her longtime friend, Travis Stone.

The duo discusses the issues while sharing some ice cream and liquor. However, these Big Sky detectives are always dedicated to the job. And, the conversation soon turns to the case the two are currently investigating.

“It makes sense why you want to protect your heart,” Cassie tells Jenny as they bond over their unique treats.

“I think you need to figure out if he’s worth the risk,” the detective adds.

Then, not the type of people to perseverate on broken hearts, the two women’s conversation quickly moves to an important lead discovered at a recent crime scene.

This scene is especially poignant for fans who have been following the Big Sky series since the show premiered last year.

Longtime fans of the series know that this moment is a big one since when the two first came together in the pilot episode the two were fighting over one man, Jenny’s late husband, Cody.

To see the two at ease talking relationships shows that these Big Sky characters have come quite a long way.