‘Big Sky’ Proves Show Isn’t in Montana Anymore with BTS Photos

by Joe Rutland

It’s nice to get behind-the-scenes pics from TV shows. It is especially nice if they’re provided by a star. Case in point: Big Sky.

Actress Teresa Victoria Carpio, who plays Rachel on the ABC crime drama, was out in the sunshine recently.

As she writes on this tweet with pictures, Carpio and a friend are enjoying the outdoors.

But they are not in “Big Sky” Country at all. Before Season 2, the show’s production moved from British Columbia in Canada to New Mexico.

These days, the show’s scenery comes from the Land of Enchantment. Check these photos out.

Carpio just joined the Big Sky cast this season.

She also has appeared in two other TV shows this year. They are NCIS: Hawai’i and The Rookie.

Make sure and catch her and others on the ABC drama on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central.

‘Big Sky’ Actress Reveals Who Was Biggest Influence, Inspiration for Jenny

Kathryn Winnick is no newcomer to show business.

Obviously, she must be doing well as one of the main stars on Big Sky.

What might it have been to inspire her to take the role?

Winnick tells Entertainment Weekly that “Jenny 2.0” is more unique than she was in earlier episodes.

The first inspiration for her character Cassie Dewell comes from C.J. Box’s crime novels.

Showrunner David E. Kelley “split Cassie in two and created Jenny.” But now, the character is forging her own life.

“Now that Jenny has her own identity and different people in her life, including Travis and Tubbs,” Winnick said, “she’s progressing forward more effectively as a cop.”

Winnick: Jenny Sees Life ‘Differently’ and She’s Moving on In Season 2

Upon looking at the past and present episodes of Big Sky, we see that Jenny has a broken heart. In Season 2, she is pushing ahead with a new career and an old flame.

In Season 1, Jenny searched for her husband and three missing girls in the mountains of Helana, Montana. Jenny found out that her husband was having an affair on the same day he went missing. She ended up hitting rock bottom by the series’ mid-season break.

But she forged ahead and, even with her doing so, that finale of Season 1 showed a woman struggling.

Winnick said to Entertainment Weekly, “She’s looking at life a little differently.”

Jenny is back in the police force and dating an ex-lover.

These add some spice to Jenny’s life. As she still heals, Jenny is making her career a No. 1 focus in her life.

Make sure you keep an eye on Jenny as she moves through this season. Who knows what else can happen to her? But Jenny is a woman with perseverance.