‘Big Sky’ Proves You Can’t Trust Anyone

by Joe Rutland

With Big Sky, there are always a lot of people who have trust issues. Cast members probably have their heads on a swivel each episode.

What does that look like? Let’s take a look, Outsiders, with a little help from Decider.

Looking back on this season’s fourth episode, Deputy Harvey, played by Michael Malarkey, was holding Bridger, played by Jeremy Ray Taylor, for ransom. Bridger’s sister Madison, played by Lola Skye Reid, was supposed to show up at Harvey’s house with cash and drugs in exchange for Bridger.

Now Ren, Donno, Jenny, and Cassie also headed toward Harvey’s house. They thought he might already have those bags of cash and drugs. Jenny and Cassie, played by Katheryn Winnock and Kylie Bunbury, were ambushed by Donno in a spray of bullets.

This week, Jenny and Cassie engage in a shootout with Donno who ultimately gets away and meets back up with Ren.

‘Big Sky’ Shows Madison Taking Harvey To The Woods, But Harper’s Watching

On Big Sky, Madison takes Harvey to the woods where she supposedly has stashed the bags. Harper is there to make sure Madison is safe. Max goes into Harvey’s house to bust out Bridger, who is still tied to a chair.

Eventually, everyone ends up in the woods, with Harvey waving his gun and threatening the group of teens. Then he’s attacked by the weird watcher in the woods guy. But he’s alive enough to shoot Harvey.

Ren and Donno find Harvey’s dead body, which is just as well since they also wanted him dead. Back at the sheriff’s office, Jenny tells Tubb she wants to investigate Harvey’s death.

At Dewell & Hoyt, Cassie tells Jerrie she’s suspicious of Tonya’s story, something just doesn’t add up. As they discuss this, a grizzled man enters the office, and Jerrie’s jaw drops. “Jerrie, who is this?” Cassie asks. “Nobody,” Jerrie says, adding, “he used to be my father.”

Jerrie’s Mother Is Dying, And Her Father Comes To Seek Forgiveness From Her

Turns out, Jerrie’s mother, who cut Jerrie out of her life when Jerrie came out, is dying, and her father has come to seek forgiveness. On Big Sky, Jerrie’s not interested, but when she meets with her friend Lindor, she breaks down. He tells her to go see her mom before it’s too late.

Over at Ren’s construction site headquarters, she and Donno are just chilling when in walks Tonya, who Donno immediately wants to kill, on account of her stabbing him in his “favorite leg.”

Wolf Legarski drugs Ronald with some Yogi tea, and once Ronald drinks it, something happens. The tea is bringing out Ronald’s repressed mom memories, including all the times she berated him.

Business is definitely picking up on Big Sky.