‘Big Sky’: Ren Is ‘Feeling the Family Love’ in Show’s Christmas Post

by Samantha Whidden

On Saturday (December 25th), ABC’s hit series Big Sky celebrated Christmas by revealing that Ren is ‘feeling the family love’ this holiday season.

In the Christmas post, the Big Sky crew stated, “Ren is feeling the family love this morning. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Big Sky.

As previously reported, Ren, who is played by Janina Gavankar, was introduced this season. The new Big Sky character came to Helena looking for answers after her employee gets into a car accident. Deadline reported earlier this summer that during the show’s second season Ren must find out who betrayed her. “Ren’s moves are calculated and she strongly believes that it is best to keep your enemies close. Which may spell bad news for Dewell & Hoyt.”

During a recent interview with TVLine, Gavankar shared details about her mysterious Big Sky character “The thing about Red that you might not notice at the jump – because she seems like an evil, evil lady – is that she’s actually not there to kill a bunch of people. She’s actually there to work smarter than her family.”

Gavankar also stated that her Big Sky persona is trying to prove that killing a bunch of people isn’t necessary to get the job done. “So even though, ironically, everybody’s looking at her like she’s some bad lady, she’s actually there to be sweet. As sweet as she can be about getting her money and drugs.”

‘Big Sky’ Star Janina Gavankar Shares More Details About Her Character Ren 

While continuing her chat with TVLine, Janina Gavankar admits that her Big Sky character doesn’t seem to care that she’s attracting attention wherever she goes. “She knows she sticks out. She’s a brown girl in Helena, Montana. We know when we’re in an environment where we stick out.”

Instead of being concerned, the Big Sky star said that her character has two choices. “You can try to assimilate or you can just say, ‘We all know what’s going on here, right?’ And clearly, she’s a person who doesn’t really care if you like her or not.”

When asked if she thinks her Big Sky character has a good grip on everything going on, Gavankar stated, “Yes. I think she still feels like she’s in control. Now, she’s annoyed that there are a lot of moving parts. But I think she, at this point, still believes she’s to everything under control.”

The Big Sky castmate goes on to explain that Ren knows that she was landing into a pretty messy situation, but that’s part of the job for her. “She’s there to be the cleaner. She does see a bigger opportunity here in town.”

Big Sky is set to return sometime after the 2022 Winter Olympics.