‘Big Sky’ Star Britt Robertson Has a Unique Collection

by Victoria Santiago

Like all of us, Big Sky‘s Britt Robertson has hobbies and interests outside of work. We often forget that celebrities are people outside of the shows we watch them on. Britt’s hobby is probably not as common as, say, painting or gardening is – but it’s definitely interesting. She has a collection of aprons.

This hobby fits her perfectly. She obviously travels a bit for work, and that can give her a wider range of aprons to choose from. As a matter of fact, she started collecting aprons while she was away for work. The actress first started her collection in Italy. She bought a handstitched apron in Sicily. The woman who sold her the apron stitched her name into it, along with “Siciliy, Italy.” Since then, she’s been collecting aprons anytime she travels. She isn’t looking to significantly increase her collection. Instead, she believes that a quality collection comes together after years and years of curating.

Jay Leno Has Quite the Collection, Too

Britt Robertson’s apron collection pales in comparison to Jay Leno’s expensive hobby. He collects expensive cars. The comedian currently has 180 cars in his expansive catalog. In addition, he has 160 motorbikes. These vehicles are varied. Some are even powered with steam. There’s a healthy mix of modern and vintage in this very, very expensive collection.

Leno’s almost 200 cars are estimated to be worth an impressive $100 million. That’s just an estimate – they could be worth more. So many of his cars are one-of-a-kind, and due to that, they’re hard to price. They’re also hard to price because even though Leno updates his collection often, he doesn’t sell any cars. If he decides to modify his catalog of luxurious cars, he donates them to charity. So far, he’s donated cars between 10-15 times.

Price estimation doesn’t matter to Jay Leno. To him, the cars are priceless. Simply because of the stories attached to them. He has certain criteria that a car has to meet before it is added to his collection. For one, the car has to be important historically and/or technically. He likes to drive his cars, so they have to be driveable. On top of that, they have to be fun to drive. Lastly, the car has to look good. If a car matches all of his qualifications – importance, driveability, and attractiveness – then he’ll consider adding it to his lot.

Hobbies and collections are important because of the connections we make along the way. That’s part of what makes Britt Robertson’s hobby of collecting aprons so unique. Each apron can tangibly represent a moment in time – whether we’re in Italy, or in Mississippi (which is home to the largest apron museum). Jay Leno’s cars are relatable because of the sentimental feelings that can be attached to them. Overall, our hobbies reflect who we are. Getting an inside look into the passions of celebrities makes them that much more relatable.