‘Big Sky’ Star Janina Gavankar Talks Ren’s ‘Cat and Mouse’ Game with Jenny and Cassie

by Joe Rutland

Turn on Big Sky this season and you’ll find Janina Gavankar back playing Ren, causing a ruckus and mayhem as only she can do.

Gavankar, who joined the ABC drama in its second season, is busy looking for her missing money and drugs.

But TV Line was able to chat with the Big Sky actress about dealing with Jenny and Cassie, played by Katheryn Winnick and Kylie Bunbury, respectively. It’s kind of like a “cat and mouse” game, or so it seems.

Big Sky is their show, so yes, there’ll definitely be more interaction,” Gavankar said. “But how that goes down is going to be complicated. ‘Cat and mouse’ is close, except that Ren is way more chaotic than a cat.”

‘Big Sky’ Actress Has Trouble Pinpointing What Type of Animal Character Would Be

“She is more… I don’t even know what animal she is,” the Big Sky actress said. “What animal is she? Readers, tell us! Let us know your thoughts! [Laughs] She’s not a honey badger, because they’re just violent. But she’s not a cat. Even when she’s sitting in front of somebody, and honestly that’s been the most fun thing on set.”

Gavankar said that she’ll sit in a scene and if she’s with someone she hasn’t worked with yet, it kind of goes in this direction.

“What’s on the page reads maybe a little like that,” she said. “But when we’re sitting together, I just find Ren bobbing and weaving in ways where they’re like, ‘What is happening? You’re so weird!’ I remember Kylie being like, ‘You’re a weird lady.’ [Laughs] And I took it as such a compliment. It was the first day I really got to work with her.”

The Big Sky actress said that is what’s most fun about how the show’s writers are writing for Ren.

“You just don’t know what she’s going to do,” Gavankar said. “She has one overall goal, which the front-facing part is she’s trying to find her guns and money. But there is a super-objective here. But as time goes on in this season, you’re going to see that super-objective.”

Katheryn Winnick Talks About Jenny’s Obsession Around Nabbing Ronald

If you are a regular viewer of Big Sky, then you know a lot of action centers around the criminal behavior of Ronald.

As the second season premiered this fall, both Jenny Hoyt and Cassie Dewell have made it their mission to track him down.

One of them, though, is really focused on getting Ronald.

“Cassie has a personal drive and is obsessed with Ronald’s case,” Big Sky actress Katheryn Winnick said. “Jenny wants to focus on other cases.”

Winnick portrays Jenny on the show.